XCM - Extreme Card Manipulation (or X-Treme Card Manipulation)

X-treme Card Manipulation is used by Card Conjurers to perform amazing feats of sleight of hand, dexterity and agility to create masterful routines with a deck of cards.

Coconut Creek, FL, November 19, 2006 --(PR.com)-- XCM or ECM (Extreme Card Manipulation) is part of the Card Conjurer’s arsenal that is a series of “x-treme” flourishes. Flourishes are not “works of magic” in and of themselves, but rather lend a difficulty and dexterity level to any magic routine that is performed. Card Conjurer has just launched a new site that allows magicians to begin investigating the XCM phenomenon.

With the rise of 21st century media and the internet, there has never been such an explosion of concentrated interest in the artistic handling of regular playing cards. Card Conjurer is taking the manipulation of cards to a level that goes beyond “pick a card”, shuffle, cut, and spread by releasing the new XCM website. 

XCM “officially” stands for X-Treme Card Manipulation (or “Xtreme”), though the ECM acronym is also used for “Extreme Card Manipulation”. XCM was first coined and introduced by De’vo Vom Schattenreich and published for the first time in his interview in Genii Magazine in August of 2004.

XCM does not involve card productions, color changes, back palming, or other “mystery sleights” that are often accompanied by a magician’s routine.  But Card Conjurer, Inc is not only looking to promote the best in card magic, but the best in card manipulation.

The Doctor, C.M. McMahon of Card Conjurer, Inc., say, “The card conjurer who takes the independent moves of XCM and incorporates them in his card conjuring routine will benefit himself greatly. The more a magician demonstrates ability in an art form, while at the same time creating card miracles, will be the real Card Conjurer.”

About Xtreme Card Manipulation: Xtremecardmanipulation.com is a sister site to Card Conjurer (http://wwwcardconjurer.com). In March of 2007 http://www.cardconjurer.com will officially open its internet doors to offer those who love card magic some of the necessary tools that take conjuring to another level. This includes information on the site of Xtreme Card Manipulation which will further explore the new wave card craze that is sweeping across the planet, and the internet.

Card Conjurer, Inc.
Dr. C. Matthew McMahon