Bank Owned Homes Provide Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

With Nearly 60% of All Homes Sold on the MLS Being Foreclosures, Investors Find It a Growing Source for Deals.

Marietta, GA, April 22, 2010 --( The Real Estate Investing Minute, a weekly web tv show that informs and teaches real estate investors about investment strategies and real estate news is providing a very special 90 minute live seminar via online video live with Foreclosure Expert Andy Heller.

Mr Heller has been featured in Forbes Magazine as having one of the best real estate investment strategies for the current real estate market. During the live streaming video seminar Andy is going to share how he has built an extensive real estate investment portfolio utilizing mainly the bank owned home market, aka foreclosures.

This free live streaming video seminar will provide education on how to work with banks to successfully negotiate the purchase of foreclosed homes including;

1. Why bank owned homes may be one of the best sources for real estate investors with little or no cash or credit.
2. How to calculate the true value of the property and present it to the bank in a way they understand and will be more willing to accept the offer to purchase.
3. Why today’s real estate market is a great opportunity for real estate investors.
4. How motivated tenants are the key to successful landlording.
5. and much more.

This live streaming video seminar is free to attendees. Interested parties can register at

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