The New Release of Semaphore Improves “Self-Service” by Delivering Semantic Search Across Organisations’ Internal and External Information

Semaphore 3.1, the latest release of the semantic platform developed by Smartlogic, improves the ability of diverse audiences to quickly find information, promoting “self service” with semantic search and cutting costs through automatic information classification.

London, United Kingdom, April 22, 2010 --( Smartlogic have announced the release of Semaphore 3.1, the latest release of the semantic platform. The new version with its revolutionary information classification capabilities increases the ability of diverse audiences to quickly find information, promoting “self service” and cutting costs.

Smartlogic’s CEO, Jeremy Bentley, explains the concept of “self service” as provided by semantic search:

“Self service involves the 3 A’s – audience, author, and algorithm. Say the author is a world-class vet, working for the Department of Agriculture, who has written a research paper on BSE. She writes the document in ‘vet speak’ and uses the terminology she’s used to. The audience in this case is a farmer, who’s worried about mad cow disease. But when he types “mad cow” into the Department of Agriculture’s website, the research paper doesn’t show up. That’s because the website’s search algorithm is too simple and has no understanding of meaning, and looks only for the words “mad” and “cow” in the documents on its system.

We could take this a step further, by assuming the farmer then phones up the Department to ask for advice about mad cow disease. The telephone operator has a third vocabulary, and she might search for ‘MCD’ on the Department’s intranet, again, turning up nothing about ‘mad cow disease’ or ‘BSE’. She’s trained to try to help the farmer answer his query, so she puts him through to the – very expensive – vet.

All this has cost the Department time, money, and credibility. With a semantic search platform on the intranet and the website, diverse vocabulary is no longer an issue and the farmer could have ‘self serviced’ his query.”

Semaphore is integrated with MS Sharepoint, internal CMSs, the Google Search Appliance and other search platforms to enhance these systems with automatic classification and to ensure these platforms can deliver semantic search capabilities to deliver fast, accurate results.

About Smartlogic

Smartlogic are the UK-based creators of Semaphore, a semantic platform that adds advanced semantic search capabilities to information management systems.

Adopting a semantic approach to information management delivers findability, improves the accuracy and efficacy of applying metadata and enables content integration across disparate sources.

· Media companies use Semaphore to improve the quality of their information feeds
· Government authorities use Semaphore to tag information according to their standards
· Investment banks use Semaphore to consolidate their information costs
· Online directories use Semaphore to increase their advertising revenues
· Intranets and websites use Semaphore to boost their use
· Knowledge managers use Semaphore to manage their taxonomies and ontologies

Clients include NASA, The National Health Service, ABN Amro, Bank of America and The Office of Public Sector Information.

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