Bake Hand Car Wash Keeping It Clean and Green

Lake Forest based car wash continues its effort to educate Orange County residents about the eco-friendly benefits of its professional car wash service and facility.

Lake Forest, CA, April 22, 2010 --( Consumers today are becoming more environmentally conscious, seeking ways to make simple eco-friendly choices. Savvy vendors across industries are trying to keep up with the growing trend. Bake Hand Car Wash in Lake Forest has invested in environmentally friendly products and state of the art systems to minimize water usage and prevent contamination to local waterways to offer customers a convenient, affordable way to keep their cars clean while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

In a down economy, many people look for places to cut corners by trimming back on small luxuries. Because the popular belief is that residential car washing is better for the environment than commercial car washes (ICA, 2008), many people choose to cut back on professional washes. However, as proven in a recent study published by the city of Federal Way, Washington, the results clearly show that the car wash industry uses less water than residential washes and does not contribute to storm water pollution. Car washes that have invested into green technology, like Bake Hand Car Wash, offer further environmental benefits.

Instead of washing cars at home, where urban pollutants are sent directly into the storm drains, individuals concerned about minimizing their impact on the environment and conserving water can visit Bake Hand Car Wash or other professional facilities who have installed water treatment and water recycling systems. Car washes such as Bake utilize high-pressure, low flow nozzles to control the amount of water used and then treats the wastewater prior to sending it through the sanitary drainage system, preventing contamination of local waterways.

“Our goal is to educate people about the environmental benefits of using a professional car wash service and provide top of the line products, equipment and customer service to assist our eco-conscious consumers in their goal to minimize their environmental impact.” comments Ron Jones, owner of Bake Hand Car Wash.

Bake Hand Car Wash carefully selected its product line with special consideration for delivering the cleanest cars to their customers while providing environmentally friendly, safe products for their staff to work with. They recently expanded the products used from Qual Chem, a manufacturer of 100% biodegradable products that use no hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives. “By selecting safe products that not only produce a clean shiny car, but can also protect the surface of cars, we can help customers extend the life of their vehicle..” said Jones.

To download the study published by the city of Federal Way or materials to learn how to minimize the environmental impact of residential washes, visit the Bake website at

About Bake Hand Car Wash
Bake Hand Car Wash utilizes the tried and true method of washing your car, nothing but gentle, 100% hand car washing. Bake uses state of the art computer systems, water recycling systems and the most quality, eco-friendly products we can find. Our facility offers a variety of washing and vehicle care services from a simple 5-minute exterior hand wash to a complete vehicle appearance restoration service. Bake Hand Car Wash is located at the NE gateway to the City of Lake Forest, California at Bake Parkway and Trabuco Roads. Employing over 35 dedicated staff members to run the operations of the car wash, detail shop, Food Mart store and Chevron gas station, it is one of the premier facilities of its kind in California. For more about our services visit

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