Former Hughes Aide and World Recognized Environmentalist John Meier Releases Book for Earth Day

John Meier re-releases the book he wrote for the 1st Earth Day, Speaking for the Earth, for Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary so the environmental movement can look back at what has and hasn’t been done with environmental issues.

Vancouver, Canada, April 22, 2010 --( Speaking for the Earth 40th Anniversary Edition is written by former Howard Hughes aide and world recognized environmentalist John Meier. It is a re-release of Speaking for the Earth, which was written by Meier in 1970 for the 1st Earth Day.

In 1970 Meier was at the forefront of the environmental movement, including having resided on President Richard Nixon’s Task Force on Resources and Environment and receiving international acclaim from various Countries for his work on the environment. Meier has re-released the book now in digital form for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, on April 22nd, as he finds it of the utmost importance for the environmental movement today to look back and see what has and hasn’t been done with environmental issues that Meier brought up in 1970, including many issues that are just now getting the recognition they deserve such as the warming of the earth, which the book deals with well before the word global warming was coined, safety in mines which recently has been headline news, dealing with wastes that could be recycled, even suggesting the use of electric cars which only now has finally begun to be implemented.

Many of the hottest news topics today are around the environment, and having a look back 40 years shows how many of the “new” environmental solutions that governments have been coming up with aren’t actual new at all, and that many of the problems had been brought up many years ago with still little to nothing having been done about them.

50% of the Authors proceeds from the book are being donated to environmental causes.

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