MO-Call BlackBerry Wi-Fi Calls and SMS App

Morodo Limited is pleased to announce that cheap SMS is now available to everyone using a BlackBerry. MO-Call for the BlackBerry is available from the MO-Call website or from the BlackBerry App World.

London, United Kingdom, April 23, 2010 --( Morodo Limited is pleased to announce that cheap BlackBerry international calling and SMS is now available to everyone using a BlackBerry mobile device, enabling BlackBerry owners to make cheap international calls and avoid excessive roaming charges wherever they are.

The MO-Call app is available from the MO-Call website, at or direct from the BlackBerry App World store.

BlackBerry International Calling and SMS Messaging
MO-Call enables users to make BlackBerry Wi-Fi Calls by connecting to a Wi-Fi or a GPRS connection to initiate a call. MO-Call is also a Blackberry SMS App that enables cheap BlackBerry SMS Messaging.

Morodo Managing Director, Andrew Reid, said. “MO-Call BlackBerry customers don’t want to pay a fortune to send SMS messages to work colleagues, clients, friends and family. We’ve added a simple option to the MO-Call app that lets you send messages anywhere in the world at low cost. It’s so easy to use, just open the MO-Call app, write your text and send it.”

“To make life even easier for new BlackBerry MO-Callers, we’ve made considerable improvements to the app User Interface and installation process.” Added Chief Technical Officer, James Barnes. “A new customer can be making MO-Calls and sending SMS in minutes.”

MO-Call enables low-cost and free international calling and an SMS service direct from a mobile phone or computer. Offering seamless connection of low-cost and free calls, MO-Call provides savings of up to 90% over traditional mobile and fixed line networks. MO-Call works through a browser or plug-in software applications that can be downloaded, free of charge, from the MO-Call website

About Morodo
Morodo Group offers mobile services to a global customer base under the MO-Call brand. The company also offers software services (under license) to traditional telecoms carriers, mobile networks and brand name owners.

Headquartered in London UK, Morodo Group owns and operates Beijing Morodo Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Beijing Morodo), a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise in the People’s Republic of China. Beijing Morodo’s Research and Development facility focuses on innovation in the wireless world.

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