DoshaCare to Exhibit at IECSC Show in Vegas

DoshaCare will feature its Ayurvedic skin care at the International Estehtics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference in Vegas April 24-26, 2010.

Torrance, CA, April 23, 2010 --( DoshaCare announced today it will feature its natural and organic line of customizable Ayurvedic skin care at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference in Las Vegas April 24-26, 2010.

As part of its exhibit (booth #1349), the company will offer individual skin consultations and hand treatments to demonstrate the efficacy of the products. The company will also be offering a special gift with purchase for guests of the show.

“At DoshaCare, we believe that health radiates from the inside out and beautiful skin is a reflection of that,” said CEO Patty Schmucker. “We are seeing a growing movement among sophisticated consumers who understand the relationship between inner health and outer beauty. Taking a holistic approach to skin care, we have developed a collection that is not only highly effective but is also relevant, even inspirational, for the modern woman who understands that her skin care regimen should be part of an overall lifestyle approach to total well-being. That’s what we mean by balanced living that’s soul deep.”

DoshaCare offers a complete line of Ayurvedic skin care products, customizable to an individual’s unique Dosha and skin type. Clients take a brief quiz t determine their Dosha profile and choose the corresponding mix of products best suited for their skin care needs. The company has four dosha-inspired product collections: the Vata line (for dry/dehydrated skin), the Pitta line (for normal/sensitive skin), the Kapha line (for oily/congested skin) and the Sakala line (appropriate for all skin types).

Celebrating its 19th year, the IECSC is one of the largest spa shows in the country. Last year’s show attracted more than 18,000 attendees from 52 countries around the world. The show will feature 600 leading skin care, wellness and equipment companies.

DoshaCare products combine the centuries-old Indian Ayurvedic philosophy with the best of Western science and technology to offer an innovative, holistic and environmentally responsible approach to skin care that promotes healthy lifestyle choices. In helping each of us re-discover our own unique perfection, DoshaCare users achieve authentic beauty that radiates from the inside out for inner peace, outer health and ageless living. For more information on DoshaCare, please visit

Michele Feller