XECAN Emergency Department Solution Improves ED Throughput & Increases Patient Safety

Xecan, Inc., announces the Xecan Emergency Department Solution which optimizes resources and removes ED bottlenecks consequently improving patient flow and patient safety. This is a low cost solution which maximizes revenue by reducing waiting times and staff & equipment search times.

Newton, MA, April 23, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Xecan, Inc., a provider of state-of-the-art clinical plug-and-play technology for the healthcare industry, announced today the availability of the Xecan Emergency Department Solution. This solution optimizes resources and removes ED bottlenecks thus creating a cost-effective strategy which not only improves patient flow and satisfaction, but most significantly enhances patient safety.

XECAN’s proprietary plug-and-play software agents, and the revolutionary low cost disposable patient wristbands provide room-level accuracy. Real-time information is either integrated with hospital systems or viewed by a browser. This technology creates automatic patient identification and tracking from the ED waiting area to registration, triage, exam and admission.

Dr. Bin Yang, Managing Director at Xecan, along with the Xecan team, provides a complete on-site emergency department analysis, and the Xecan solution achieves the following revenue maximizing results:

Optimize resources by reducing staff & equipment search times; room utilization status

Monitor patient flow time to reduce wait time and increase patient safety & satisfaction

Increase new patient visits by reducing wait times and divert status

According to Dr. Yang, a major research and teaching hospital within the greater Boston area is currently conducting a pilot study with Xecan in order to determine how ED bottlenecks can be removed in a cost-effective manner while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and safety.

If you wish to learn more about the Xecan solution, please contact: info@xecan.com.

About RFID Healthcare Technology by XECAN:
XECAN provides RFID Plug-and-Play solutions for hospitals and clinics to reduce medical errors and improve care quality. The XECAN solutions focus on preventable errors in various areas including Emergency Department throughput, oncology, NICU and blood transfusion. Our integration-oriented software architecture and no-risk business model can quickly help our clients to address patient safety issues by working seamlessly with their existing EMR systems. Xecan is led by Dr. Bin Yang who has over 15 years experience in the development of large scale enterprise systems and RFID for Fortune 500 corporations. Based on its MIT research heritage, XECAN is proud to be an MIT Venture Mentoring Service company.

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