Introduction of New Website by Intelligent Vote Announced

Intelligent Vote announced that they have created a new website

Scottsdale, AZ, April 23, 2010 --( Intelligent Vote, a private bi-partisan organization, announced that they have a launched a new website This news comes just in time as campaigns have begun for the upcoming Senate elections.

The new website will offer articles about current politicians as well as news reports about current issues that every voter should be informed of. There will also be resources that will provide visitors to the site information about the politicians in their state and ways to make their voices heard.

“Many American’s don’t take voting seriously,” stated a spokesman for the organization. “Our desire at Intelligent Vote is to make understanding the issues easier so that voters will be informed and feel more secure about their role in this democracy so they can head to the poles with confidence.

“The goal of Intelligent Vote is to make the most of our democracy by helping voters stay informed and encouraging them to be involved. And considering the current technological age, that will be made even easier with the new site.”

There are so many issues that those in the government are dealing with today, and with so many other things in life vying for attention, it is easy to block politics out. However, for the democracy to effective that can’t happen; everyone needs to be involved. This website is just one of the ways to make that happen.

With the launch of the new website, Intelligent Vote is providing a complete voter resource. News articles and up-to-date information on elected officials are just a couple of the ways that this new site will help keep voters informed and involved. For more information visit

Intelligent Vote
Jen Larsson