By Popular Demand, Pearl Jam’s Song "Alive" Added to Fine Art Collection

cNoteART will produce 100 archival, limited edition cNOTE prints of Pearl Jam’s song, “Alive.” This is the first song transformed into an image and added to a special fine art collection due to overwhelming demand.

New York, NY, April 23, 2010 --( cNoteART, which turns music into modern art (a “cNote”), is pleased to announce that it transformed “Alive” by Pearl Jam into a fine art image for its exclusive 100 Series because of overwhelming demand. cNoteART will produce 100 archival prints as part of this collector’s edition. Only six other cNOTEs are currently available in this series: The Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” U2’s “One,” Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel,” Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.”

"There is no doubt that people have a special attachment to Pearl Jam’s song ‘Alive’ and they really like the Alive cNOTE,” Erik Rosen, Founder of cNoteART, said. “I have received numerous requests to add this piece to cNoteART’s limited edition 100 Series. I’m not sure whether it’s the song’s music, lyrics or the cNOTE musical image. I only know that people appreciate this particular artwork.”

- Acid Free, Archival, Museum Quality Materials
- Hand Signed and Numbered
- Limited to 100 Collector Prints
- Size: 8” x 10”

For more information, please visit or (617) 834-9600.
cNOTE (100) Series
Pearl Jam’s “Alive”
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About cNoteART: Turn Any Song into Modern Art. A cNOTE is a musical image. It is Music transformed into Fine Art. Colored Rectangles in cNOTE images represent musical notes. Wider rectangles equal notes of longer duration. Rectangle color indicates a note’s pitch. Erik Rosen discovered cNOTE during a stem cell transplant. cNoteART is the only source for cNOTEs. We use the finest materials and offer a 100% Proof Guarantee on custom pieces.

Patent Pend No. 12/657,250

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