McAfee Issue Addressed by Capital Support

McAfee anti Virus issue has caused havoc across the enterprise base. Capital Support has been working through the night to come up with a repair and is willing to share their solution with businesses affected.

London, United Kingdom, April 24, 2010 --( Late yesterday afternoon a major issue was discovered with the 1400 GMT update of McAfee Enterprise anti virus software, affecting tens of thousands of machines in the UK alone. The consequences of this corrupt update vary from the ‘blue screen of death’ or the machine continually rebooting itself every 60 seconds.

Until a repair has been carried out, users will find themselves unable to use their PC or workstation. The impacts of this are currently unknown but it is expected that this will affect many businesses across the globe - causing serious downtime. The cost of that downtime to all affected businesses can only be speculated upon at this moment in time.

Capital Support has come up with two different solutions to address the issue and has been working through the night to ensure the minimum business disruption to its Financial Services IT Support clients. Laurence Borde of Media Tree Limited said “You guys are amazing, thank you for being so professional. Your team deserves huge credit for all they do to keep our systems "safe" and healthy”.

The affected update (known as 5858) causes the anti-virus software to detect SVCHOST.EXE as having been modified by the W32/wecorl.a worm -a virus in circulation around November 2008. Unfortunately, SVCHOST.EXE is crucial to Windows. Without it very few of the background services that you require to operate your PC can work. Capital Support is prepared to share their solution with any business suffering from this issue.

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