Greek Photographer Yannis Larios Captures an Example of Greece’s "Wealth" That Financial Analysts Cannot: Symi Island

Greece is in the middle of a fierce financial hurricane, yet it has a hidden asset that could prove invaluable: the beauty and the strong local economies of its numerous islands that may show the way to safer waters. Greek photographer Yannis Larios exposes the beauty of Symi, an island at the far-corners of Greece that re-bounded in the map of high-level tourism.

Athens, Greece, April 24, 2010 --( Despite being inside a fierce financial turmoil, Greece still has a hidden wealth to exploit: the beauty and the local economies of its numerous islands that if harnessed properly through high-quality tourism development, could help alleviate its financial problems.

Yannis Larios, the Greek photographer, exposes at his website such a gem that may prove a case-study for tourism across Greece: the stunningly beautiful island of Symi, located at the Dodecanese island complex, which rebounded in the tourist map.

Symi, being at the far-corner of Greece without any direct air-connection to major cities, should normally have been a neglected destination. Yet, Larios truly depicts a unique beauty, which has made Symi island a destination for thousands of higher-income tourists. Once a prosperous island of shipbuilders, it is now attracting the attention of those who appreciate the appeal of an island that has managed to retain its old Greek character. At its marina, tens of yachts from Greece and neighboring Turkey, bring in visitors that enjoy a revealing quality of light and magnificent architecture.

Larios has faithfully captured through his photos the extremely well preserved or renovated houses at the Symi harbor, which all share a beautiful neoclassical architecture. But Symi, also boasts a deep religious tradition best experienced at the Panormitis church and monastery. Larios reveals through his photography, the traditional architecture of past times which dominates every path of the town as well as stunning vistas from high above its colorful harbor.

Larios is passionate talking about his Symi photos project. “This island is unique not only for its beauty, but also on how it turned its local economy for the better. Whoever local I talked to, described how Symi prospered at the start of the 20th century, how it completely collapsed after World-War II and how fast people are coming back to work and live in an island that prospers again! With my camera, I tried to explore the reasons of its success, only to stumble again and again upon the same ingredients: it’s well-preserved beauty, the magic of its light as well as a strong focus on cleanliness and high-level touristic services. I elected to showcase stunning Symi to the world, through my photography! It is certainly a wealth that financial analysts that evaluate Greece cannot capture in their financial models!”

The Greek photographer makes his Symi photos series available to the public as framed prints and as wall fine art, which can be obtained through an automated e-shop at his travel photography website, found at

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Yannis Larios is a Photographer with a passion for Greece’s most beautiful images. Larios selects to photograph the most intriguing places, landscapes and islands and strives to capture them by exploiting pure natural light.

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