Las Vegas Carnival Selects "Tribe Carnival" to Represent Trinidad in the International Masquerader Band Competition

“Tribe Carnival,” the Trinidad based carnival band, launches its band, “Jewels of the Caribbean” for its entry into the first international competition of bands in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV, April 24, 2010 --( A USA / Trinidad based operation, announced today that it selected Tribe Carnival Band to compete in its carnival event on October 10th 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Robert Ali, President of Las Vegas Carnival, comments, “As one of the premiere brands in carnival production in the world today, we gladly welcome the participation of Tribe as a representative of Trinidad. Las Vegas Carnival is being produced as an upscale carnival event and experience. Tribe has been recognized for a long standing track record of excellence in their presentation and execution, and consequently will be a perfect fit for the broadcast carnival event”.

Tribe will compete in the all-day carnival competition which will be complemented by the concert / music festival called “VegasFest”. The carnival competition event which includes the masquerader parade of bands is now open to other countries wishing to enter, with cash and other prizes to the winning bands that will be judged by a panel of judges selected from the carnival design and fashion industries, including those involved in dance choreography. Tribe’s launch of “Jewels of the Caribbean” comes amidst their preparation for their 2011 designs one of the leading carnival entities in Trinidad’s carnival scene.

The first 500 Tribe costumes go on sale on Wednesday, April 21st 2010 as randomly selected masqueraders are given the opportunity to become the first of 5 to be awarded an all expense paid vacation in Las Vegas, inclusive of airfare, hotel stay for 5 days, VIP access to fetes and an additional costume for a guest. Transportation to and from the event will be via limousine, including 24 hour services of a Concierge during their stay. Masqueraders are encouraged to log on to to purchase their Tribe costumes and be one of the 5 lucky carnival loyalists to “Jump Up, Vegas Style!” For more information about the event, visit

Once masqueraders have purchased their costumes, random selection will be made from the first 500 masqueraders and those who have been successful in receiving a “Masquerader Package”, one of several Las Vegas Carnival travel packages, will be announced in the media. For any questions regarding being a part of the Tribe Las Vegas band, contact Tribe Carnival @

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