Free Poker Launches Blog with Expert Lesson Series by Pro Player and Mentor D.M.Vadnais

Free poker games site have added a poker blog to the site. In addition to news and updates the blog includes a 60,000+ word free poker expert lesson series from the highly regarded poker pro and mentor D Michael Vadnais.

London, United Kingdom, April 25, 2010 --( Leading US legal free Texas Hold em poker site has launched a poker news and game strategy education blog. The educational sections include a ground-breaking lesson module series by US Marine Corp Colonel (ret). and pro poker player and mentor D Michael Vadnais that aims to take a keen but clueless free poker playing beginner from “all-in-all-the-time chip flinger” to experienced $5-10 live poker room expert player (this is the level that full time cash game poker players prefer for reasons explained in the lesson series).

There are currently 2 full lesson modules written in D Michael Vadnais’s engaging, witty and at times, cutting, ruthless, mercenary fashion. A third module has recently been completed and is being released in monthly installments.

Module 1; Building a Bankroll, aims to teach poker beginners the fundamental principles of poker success starting with patience and working through key basics such as pocket pair strategies, pot and implied odds, common mistakes, betting, goal setting, the psychology of success and identifying and countering other player styles and types. Most importantly, the course aims to ingrain the business style concepts of bankroll management and Return on Investment (ROI) without which poker is no more than a game of luck and chance rather than a consistently profitable money generating operation.

In Module 2; The World of Bricks and Mortar Play he explains why, to make real money from a poker career the player must play real life live card room or casino poker and not online. More advanced topics are covered in detail such as which pocket cards consistently yield the most profit and how to play them and Implied Odds on Offense and Pot Odds on Defense.

The module goes into great detail on the art and science of player analysis and note taking. Here he describes in detail, his personal system of player analysis and record keeping which utilizes 225 different player habit and style codes. While not for the faint hearted or casual player the reader will realize that such a system is absolutely essential for anyone who wishes to develop a professional poker playing career.

Module 3; is a poker 101 primer guide intended for the absolute poker beginner who does not know the most basic game words or processes. The first 2 of 6 chapters have been released with the rest to be released monthly. The aim of this module is to get the novice into play to the extent that they can move onto the more advanced modules and begin to apply the lessons.

The blog has also significantly simplified the process of updating NoPayPOKER’s 115,000 members with news on new tournaments and events such as the recent partner deals with PartyPoker, Titan Poker and Feltstars. The Updates and Offers sections feed directly into the NoPayPOKER poker games client software making member communication simple, easy and fast.

Marketing Manager Nick Moseley comments, “Before, if I wanted to make a simple new event announcement it could takes days to get a new page set up in the main site, now it takes 5 minutes.” He goes on to say “in addition to improving member communication by an order of magnitude it allows the technical team to get on with the business of improving the poker play on NoPayPOKER while freeing me from the grind of competing for technical resource in order to make a simple announcement.”

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