Kaitlyn Jones Returns in an All New Book

Author Kathleen J. Shields publishes second book of a series: “Kaitlyn Jones Surviving Death” Action, Romance, Mystery novel brings back the feisty Kaitlyn Jones for 500+ pages of excitement for readers young and old.

Canyon Lake, TX, April 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Kaitlyn Jones, the feisty and highly energetic young woman with the gift of telepathy, telekinesis and dreams that see into the future, is grieving over the mysterious death of her late boyfriend Tom McKinney. When his body arrives at the funeral home already cremated, the necessary face to look upon for that final push for closure was missing.

Kaitlyn, forced to travel cross-country to conduct her own investigation into the details of Tom's death, discovers what seems to be a cover-up. However, like everything in Kaitlyn's life complications arise, enemies are made, situations change and circumstances proceed forward. With so many life changing events, Kaitlyn finds little time to reminisce but with her latest career move, a shock greater than her wildest dreams steps out in front of her and suddenly another mystery is soon to be solved.

Follow Kaitlyn through this exciting journey of self-discovery, talent and romance that is sure to keep your attention piqued until the very end. With an emotionally packed conclusion, and two books merged into one, Kaitlyn Jones Surviving Death, is the sequel worth waiting for.

The author, Kathleen J. Shields, has been writing since she was 12 and published her first book of a trilogy in 2003. She runs a graphic and website design company and is highly active in the community. Subsequently, she neglected the release of the second and third books in this series, so in late 2009 Shields began retooling the second and third books and as a result, has packed two amazing books into one Double Feature. Kathleen celebrates the publication of her second novel of a trilogy that is twice the size of the first book, twice the action and twice the romance.

For more information or to order, visit Kathleen's website at: www.kathleensbooks.com.

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