MiniFrame Introduces New SoftXpand Product Suite to Address Multiple Vertical Markets

MiniFrame adapts the SoftXpand cutting-edge technology and delivers multiple virtualization products to fit specific market needs.

Netanya, Israel, April 28, 2010 --( MiniFrame, supplier of the market-leading desktop virtualization software SoftXpand, announced its new product suite today. The new suite of multi-user products is designed to provide a top-performance virtualization solution for various vertical markets and currently includes two products - SoftXpand Xpress and SoftXpand Home.

The award-winning SoftXpand desktop virtualization technology transforms a single standard PC into multiple totally independent workstations without loss in performance. SoftXpand technology drastically reduces the amount of hardware required, resulting in huge reductions in Total Cost of Ownership, and has been named the ultimate green IT solution by industry experts such as The Green Organisation.

“MiniFrame’s main objective is to address customer needs with targeted solutions. Since SoftXpand is a software-only solution, we are able to easily adapt the cutting-edge technology and deliver multiple products to fit specific market needs,” said Raz Rafaeli, CEO at MiniFrame. “We have developed two new products by leveraging MiniFrame’s unique SoftXpand software technology, and intend to release other products in the near future,” added Raz Rafaeli.

The current version of SoftXpand has been renamed and fully rebranded to SoftXpand Xpress. With SoftXpand Xpress, up to eight users can work on a single PC, allowing companies and organizations to rapidly increase their PC access. Businesses and multi-workstations sites can enjoy the flexibility of a software solution that can be easily bundled with third-party applications to address each customer’s unique computing needs. There is also a new version of SoftXpand Xpress available.

“After many months of development and careful testing, MiniFrame is pleased to announce the launch of SoftXpand Xpress Version 3.1 - the second major release of the third generation SoftXpand desktop virtualization product,” said Raz Rafaeli. SoftXpand Xpress 3.1 offers many updates and enhancements. The most significant change is the new upgrade mechanism that allows users to upgrade easily to a higher version of SoftXpand. The product look and feel has been improved and includes new logos that have been adopted by MiniFrame a few months ago as part of the company’s new branding. The latest version greatly enhances the administration tools available in previous releases of the product, and includes several new tools - among which are a new logger tool and improved device notification tool.

SoftXpand Home, the consumer version of SoftXpand multi-user technology, will be released soon. SoftXpand Home enables the addition of an extra workstation to an existing PC, allowing two users to work simultaneously, independently, and seamlessly on a single computer. Each user can surf the web, play a computer game or stream high-resolution video and enjoy all of the versatility and freedom of a stand-alone PC at a fraction of the cost.

“The home market has always been a huge untapped opportunity for us. We are finally able to meet the market demand and offer a tailor-made product for use in home environment. SoftXpand Home is a plug & play solution that is very easy to implement. Home users can simply download SoftXpand Home from the Internet, install the software onto an existing computer, add any standard or USB monitor, and acquire an extra workstation at much lower purchase and running costs, ” commented Mr. Raz Rafaeli.

About MiniFrame
MiniFrame's desktop virtualization technology offers software that is a true substitute to hardware - delivering a complete PC experience. SoftXpand software drastically reduces the amount of hardware required, resulting in significant reductions in Total Cost of Ownership, and is recognized by industry experts as the ultimate green IT solution.

MiniFrame’s vision is to be a leading player in desktop virtualization. MiniFrame intends to leverage SoftXpand software technology and develop product suites that address various vertical markets, while providing smooth migration from any computing environment to a complete “Cloud Computing” solution.

MiniFrame has distribution partners spanning 4 continents, and is continuously seeking to expand its international distribution network, offering a unique window of opportunity to its partners. Moreover, MiniFrame is currently seeking strategic investors and partners who share its values and commitment to efficient IT to help shorten our time to market.

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