Barnyard, an Online Store for Farm and Garden Supplies, is Pleased to Announce That Rogue Hoes Are Now Part of Their Line of Gardening Tools

Barnyard, an online store for farm and garden supplies, is pleased to announce that Rogue Hoes are now part of their line of gardening tools.

Sidney, OH, April 28, 2010 --( Barnyard ( a web site that features mostly made in North America lawn and garden supplies and farm and ranch supply, now makes The Rogue hoe garden tools available to its ever-growing customer base. Prohoe, a family owned and operated business since 1990, located in Munden, KS, manufacturer’s quality farm and garden products, including Garden Hoes, Field Hoes, Scuffle Hoes, Floor Scrapers, and Fire Tools made from recycled agricultural disc blades.

Barnyard Products.Com, division of Barnyard Supply, LTD ( - a wholesale distribution company founded by Mark Berning in 2003 – created, with the help of his brother Dave Berning, to offer gardeners, farmers, and construction owners a one-stop online store for quality tools and accessories. Together Mark and Dave search for companies throughout North America to find quality products like Rogue Hoes to market and sell on the web site. Prohoe has been proudly producing farm and garden tools and fire axes since 1990. With a history of quality control and hand crafted workmanship, Prohoe can bring high quality products at a lower cost to its customers than imported farm and garden tools.

Barnyard’s web site offers the home gardener, landscapers, and famers professional grade products including, garden hoes, field hoes, scuffle hoe, rakes, shovels, spades, floor scarpers, YardFork leaf rakes, gardening tools, Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation Systems, water hoses, irrigation timers and sprinklers. In addition they are offering garden accessories including decorative windmills, wooden garden benches, lawn swings and pond water treatment products. You will also find wood bushel baskets, ½ bushel baskets and peck baskets for container gardening projects. The web site also offers farm and ranch supply items for the hobby farmer as well the full time farm, professional landscaper and ranch owner. These items include field hoes, barn floor scarpers, manure forks, shoves, spades, rakes, and construction and landscape tools.

“We are excited about having as an e-commerce retailer for our products,” commented Loren Kisby, owner of Prohoe. Dave Berning Director of Marketing for stated, “We are constantly looking for new products that focus on the small businesses that are made in North America and we are excited about our new business relationship with Rogue Hoes.”

In the coming months, will be introducing several new lawn and garden supply items such as flag poles, pruning shears, farm tools, construction tools and landscape tool and a new line of pet-friendly lawn supplies.

The wed site, which is already online, represents the growing need of the American customer looking for quality lawn and garden tools and farm and ranch supplies. Barnyard Supply, LTD has seen this growing need since Mark Berning began his distribution company over 7 years ago. The Berning's company has been offering lawn and garden supplies as well as farm and ranch supplies to hundreds of satisfied customers in Ohio and surrounding areas since 2003.

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