Starship Crew Embarks on a Space Odyssey to Colonize a Distant, Enigmatic World in New Release by Mel Highline, Published by Dog Ear Publishing

Federal Way, WA, April 28, 2010 --( Five hundred years have passed since a man first took that one small step on the moon. Now the human race is ready for the next giant leap. The starship, ESC-1, the most ambitious and costly project ever undertaken, begins its historic journey to a world far beyond the boundaries of the Solar System. Though the destination is light-years and decades away, Captain Tara Nelson and her crew believe they are ready to overcome any obstacle. They are wrong.

Only a few years after arriving, just as the colony begins to flourish, they discover countless waves of asteroids hurtling toward their new home from the outer reaches of the star system. At first, surrounded by their 26th century technology, they are undaunted by the new challenge. Then that technology begins to fail and the colonists find themselves in a desperate struggle for survival. It is a struggle that most will lose.

So begins another journey for Tara Nelson and a handful of survivors. One of epic proportion, they are unsuspecting travelers who are no longer in control of their destiny. Soon, they forget their past. Earth becomes legend, then myth.

In time, however, the systematic onslaught from space ends and the colony’s survivors prosper once again. They begin to rebuild at a startling pace and it seems that they may one day be able to reclaim parity with their ancestral civilization. Yet, despite their astounding progress, not all is as it appears.

At the onset, Til We Come To Be, published by Dog Ear Publishingand written by Mel Highline, is a story about the colonization of an unspoiled new world many light-years from Earth. Ultimately, however, it is a discourse on courage, the unflagging human spirit and the indomitable will to survive against all odds.

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Til We Come To Be
Mel Highline
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-415-1 532 pages $23.95 US

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