Move Into Action Invites Readers to Pick Brain in New Book

Move Into Action announces the release of another highly anticipated book, Here’s Your Chance To Pick My Brain. On Monday, April 26, 2010 readers will gain access to this insightful and hilarious compilation of social media feeds from the mind of Christine Pechstein, an authentic life management professional, single mother, and Christian woman living in an insanely demanding world.

Hutchinson, KS, April 28, 2010 --( The book targets individuals who are frazzled, tired, stressed-out, and in need encouragement while they tend to life’s non-stop demands in nine different life areas. Christine has taken her Facebook, Twitter, and social media feeds and compiled them into a book resembling her Facebook status page to give her personal insight on life and how it can be viewed from many perspectives in nine life areas. Her one of a kind thoughts, humor, and quotes lend a new perspective on life’s happenings, leadership, faith, kids, cats, and provides hope during the good and the bad. Ms. Pechstein’s view on life resembles a glass that is overflowing despite cracks that provide challenges to keep it that way. Her knowledge and insight as a life management expert can be embraced by the world to reflect how life can be enjoyed to the maximum and be filled with laughter despite external influences beyond a person’s control. The book was released by Lulu and is available through

About Author
Christine Pechstein is the founder of Move Into Action. She is a professional life management coach and trainer whose passion and expertise is in life management and leadership skill development for individuals, churches, and businesses. Ms. Pechstein is the author of numerous faith and non-faith based life management workbooks, the Lunch and Lead training series, and the founder of Happy Hour! Stress Reduction Workshops. Through her unique and affordable training options, her mission is to grow leaders from the ground floor up and equip them to remain leaders by eliminating the stress and burnout.

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