EnableMart Vendors Unite to Donate Assistive Technology to Orphans in Ecuador

Underprivileged orphans in Ecuador now have access to Assistive Technology to help them communicate thanks to the efforts of student volunteer Suzanne Durrant. Durrant sought support from Assistive Technology store, EnableMart.com in finding devices for the children after she volunteered for the orphanage and saw the need for communication tools. EnableMart enlisted the help of several of the most popular brands in Assistive Technology to donate products.

Sandy, UT, April 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Suzanne Durrant, a university student majoring in Early childhood/Special education, recently approached EnableMart about donating to a non-profit orphanage operating in Quito, Ecuador.

Durrant volunteered at the orphanage which is home to about 10 parent-less children with very limited communication due to developmental disabilities. There she learned about the various communication devices available to help these children communicate.

Durrant approached EnableMart in February about donating some of the communication devices available on EnableMart.com because the orphanage cannot afford to provide them for the children. Several of EnableMart’s top Assistive Technology vendors: Claro, Williams Sound, and AMDi, stepped forward and offered to donate products to assist the orphanage.

UK software developer, Claro, generously offered 5 copies of their language assistance software, ClaroRead. Claro software supports reading and writing with several different functions including a robust screen reader, text manipulation for added readability, word prediction, and homophones.

A Pocketalker was donated by Williams Sound. This device is made for individuals with hearing impairment who are not ready for or cannot afford hearing aids. The Pocketalker is about the size of a deck of cards and feeds mono sound to a single earbud headset. The Pocketalker amplifies all surrounding sounds including conversations, the radio, and television.

AMDi provided a Tech/Talk 8x8 communicator. Tech/Talk is a multi-level AAC that can store up to 64 different messages on eight levels. Users can press on a button-image and Tech/Talk plays a recorded message that is coordinated to the image. Tech/Talk can also be attached to another device such as a radio or lamp to toggle on/off using buttons on the Tech/Talk.

Durrant, with the help of a Speech Language Pathologist, will develop a training program so that future volunteers will be able to learn how to use the assistive devices to help the children at the orphanage communicate.

Michele Paley