NYCE and Chromis Fiberoptics Jointly Launch a Plenum-Rated Plastic Optical Fiber Cable

Vancouver, Canada, May 10, 2010 --( NYCE Networks, a leading provider of innovative Plastic Optical Fiber to Ethernet products, and Chromis Fiberoptics, a leading provider of Plastic Optical Fiber Cable, announced today that they have entered into an exclusive agreement to launch a new line of Plenum-Rated Plastic Optical Fiber Cable.

“The launch of our NYCE NPC-75 Plenum-Rated Plastic Optical Fiber Cable is a major milestone for NYCE,” says Bill Gill, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of NYCE. “Our agreement with Chromis gives NYCE the capacity to design, manufacture, and supply high-quality Plenum-Rated POF Cable to Broadband Service Providers that is specifically designed to maximize the bandwidth within customer premises and minimize installation time and effort. NYCE NPC-75 POF Cable works seamlessly with NYCE products to create Optical Ethernet networks for residential and commercial customers.”

NYCE’s NPC-75 Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) Cable is a high-quality Plenum-rated cable. Targeting the last 100m of your network, NYCE POF Cable provides a robust, easy-to- install 100Mbps Ethernet solution. NYCE’s POF Cable is UL certified with an Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum (OFNP) rating. This means that NYCE POF Cable is fire-resistant and can be safely installed in ducts, plenums, and other spaces used for environmental air making NYCE POF Cable ideal for use in all types of homes, offices, and construction.

Key Features:

· Plenum-rated white
· No bleed though of LED light
· 25mm bend radius
· EMI immunity
· Robust and easy to install
· Cut with blade
· Much smaller than CAT5/6

NYCE products take advantage of POF’s electrical noise immunity to provide a higher Quality of Service than traditional CAT-5/6 copper cable networks. NYCE’s POF is only millimeters thick and is much easier to install and conceal than traditional CAT-5/6 network cable. For connecting Ethernet sources like modems and routers to PCs, High-Definition Televisions, VoIP Telephones and Multimedia Entertainment Centers nothing is easier to install than NYCE POF products and cable.

Please contact Bill Gill at NYCE at 1-604-473-9800 ext 117 to learn more about their new Plastic Optical Fiber Cable their innovative Plastic Optical Fiber products.

About NYCE Networks

NYCE Networks is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. NYCE is a leading provider of innovative Plastic Optical Fiber to Ethernet products. NYCE designs, manufactures and supplies Plastic Optical Fiber networking solutions to telecommunication companies, builders, installers, and content providers worldwide. Our patent-pending networking products eliminate electromagnetic interference and enable our customers to deliver safe, simple and cost-effective home-centric solutions. For more information, please visit NYCE’s website at or call 1-604-473-9800 ext 117.

About Chromis Fiberoptics

Chromis Fiberoptics, located in Warren, NJ, is the world technology leader in the design and manufacturing of Plastic Optical Fibers (POF) and POF cables. Chromis' products enable optical networking over plastic fiber at speeds up to 10 Gb/s. We supply a variety of plastic fibers and cables for consumer electronics, active optical cables, and building networking applications. For more information, please visit us on the web at, or email us at

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NYCE Networks
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NYCE Networks
Telephone: 604-473-9800 ext 117

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