Licking County Library Saves $7,200 with Walling Data and AVG Anti-Virus

When other programs allowed viruses run rampant, AVG provided powerful protection for Ohio public library.

Hickory, NC, April 29, 2010 --( Jeff Offenbaker has been the computer specialist at Licking County Library in Newark, Ohio for the past three years. When he first came on board at the public library, they were running Symantec Antivirus on its 140 workstations and seven servers.

“About 43 of our workstations are for public use, so it is really important that we run a solid and impenetrable anti-virus solution that keeps out viruses and Trojans,” Offenbaker remarked. “We were using Symantec before, and it let us down often because it didn’t update automatically and continued to let viruses run undetected.”

So just a few months ago, Offenbaker decided to find a new anti-virus solution that would stop viruses in their tracks.

“Our Symantec licenses weren’t even expired yet, but the time came around for our budget meeting in which we would allocate funds for anti-virus licenses. I knew then that we needed to find something different,” Offenbaker said. “We just couldn’t afford the risks these threats posed to members of our community using our computers.”

The Search Is On
Offenbaker and his colleague heard about AVG Anti-Virus and decided to do a test run of the product. They downloaded the AVG Free Edition onto one of their servers and tested the new software for 24 hours.

“In that short amount of time, AVG caught more viruses on that one server than Symantec ever had!” Offenbaker said. “I knew right then and there that AVG was the product we would choose.”

Walling Data Saves Library $7200
Offenbaker then searched online for a distributor to purchase his AVG Anti-Virus licenses from, and found Walling Data. There were several reasons he decided to make the purchase from Walling.

“Walling Data was the most local distributor and they give us free and unlimited product support for the length of our licenses.”

But it was Walling Data’s special pricing for government offices is what really sealed the deal.

“When I did some price checking in preparation for our meeting, I found that AVG was going to save us about $7,200 a year,” Offenbaker said. “Needless to say there was no contesting this move.”

Later when Offenbaker presented his choice for AVG in the budget meeting, he had no problems getting approval for the new licenses.

“When I called Walling Data to start the purchasing process, it was extremely simple. In fact, the whole process only took about three hours. They offered to help me set up AVG on our network but I didn’t need it. AVG is very straightforward, user friendly, and just easy to deal with.”

“I love everything about AVG!”
Today, Offenbaker is still pleased with his decision to switch to AVG Anti-Virus.

“AVG is keeping our network healthy. It’s full-featured, good on emails and easy on our servers. I love the automatic updates, too. Basically, I love everything about AVG!”

“In fact, I would say that AVG is the best product going right now.”


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