New App from the BRF Opens Up Bible Reading to a Whole New Market of Readers

The New Daylight publication from the Bible Reading Fellowship is now available as an iPhone and iPod touch app, bringing this print journal to a new generation of readers.

Abingdon, United Kingdom, April 29, 2010 --( BRF’s New Daylight publication is now available as an iPhone app, taking its traditional print media publication to an entirely new format and opening up the market to a new generation of readers.

New Daylight offers a ‘thought for the day’ approach to Bible Reading, providing a daily passage combined with insightful reflection and a final thought or prayer to take away. This popular publication described by users as “enlightening, easy to follow and thought-provoking” is perfectly suited to the app format, letting users make the most of the smallest window of opportunity for a little bit of ‘me’ time.

The technology behind the app lends itself perfectly to the periodical style format of New Daylight. Opening directly on that day’s passage and reflection, it also keeps track of the readings that have been missed, letting users catch up at their convenience. With readings presented in a clear page format with changeable font sizes, it can be read in complete comfort. In addition to the seamless reading style, if a reading has particular relevance it can be saved to return to time and time again, or emailed directly to a friend.

“Many forms of publication contain much more structure and "cleverness" than can been seen on the printed page” comments Adrian Driscoll, Director at Aimer Media who have been developing New Daylight. “Aimer is dedicated to using their app approach to bring out as much of that editorial vision as can be squeezed into a download.”

The publishers, registered charity BRF, are equally delighted to be taking their product to the widest possible market. New Daylight Editor Naomi Starkey is “eager to see one of the UK’s most long-established and popular series of Bible reading notes being accessible to as wide a market as possible, across the globe and across the generations.”

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