42% of Cat Owners Report High Frustration with Current Litter Mats

Austin-based Cleanicity shares consumer data on cat owners’ desire for a better cat litter mat.

Austin, TX, April 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Following weeks of market research on cat owners’ preferences, Cleanicity today shares insights on consumer experiences with kitty litter mats.

“We conducted both primary and secondary research to learn the best and the worst features of cat litter mats and how the mats impacted owners and their pets,” said Carol O’Brien, Cleanicity’s founder and CEO. “Based on our study, the number one concern of pet owners is whether or not the product would hurt their pets’ paws, followed closely by how effective the mat is at stopping litter from tracking through the house.”

Cleanicity conducted the research via face-to-face interviews, written surveys, and online data mining. Respondents were first asked to identify their highest concerns when purchasing cat litter mats and then to rate their current products’ most positive and negative features. With over 100 data points, the results show that when making purchasing decisions, 78% of cat owners are concerned about the material used in the cat litter mat being painful for their cats’ paws. Seventy-five percent are concerned about the effectiveness of the litter mat at stopping litter from tracking through their homes. Other concerns included product size, weight, and usability. Less than 10% reported that pricing was a significant concern.

Respondents reported that the most positive feature of their current mats is that they are more effective at catching the litter than not having a mat at all. While 9% reported “high satisfaction” with their current litter mat, 42% reported “high dissatisfaction,” and the remainder reported “somewhat satisfied” and “somewhat dissatisfied.” The highest concerns were: 38% said their mats are too small and the cats bypass the mat altogether, 31% indicated their mats are too heavy; 27% reported their mats needed to be shaken out resulting in litter messes.

Ms. O’Brien indicated that Cleanicity conducted the research as part of ongoing product testing for its recently launched Kitty Litter Gripper Mat. “The goal with each of our products is to solve a real problem for consumers,” O’Brien explained. “By understanding cat owners’ concerns with other litter mats, we can ensure our Kitty Litter Gripper Mat exceeds their expectations in effectiveness at trapping litter and in safety and comfort for their pets.”

The Kitty Litter Gripper Mat includes 30 layers of adhesive film that captures cat litter on its sticky surface. Once the top layer is full, it is easily removed to expose a clean layer underneath. Currently, the mat is sold on-line and in select retail locations. To learn more about the product and to see an online demonstration, please visit www.cleanicity.com/Kitty_Litter_Gripper_Mat_p/kl-gm.htm. For retailers interested in carrying the Kitty Litter Gripper Mat, please contact service@cleanicity.com.

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