Rose Fest, UNESCO Heritage sites, Budget Sea and Ski Resorts – More of Bulgaria with Alexander Tour's Latest Tour Offers

For years Bulgarian travel agents have been working on the perfect product to promote Bulgaria as a travel destination. The youngest member of the EU is still struggling with the standards of the union, yet still remains a land of sophisticated beauty and beautiful nature and a preferable tour spot with the sea and ski resorts getting more popular for the last couple of years.

Sofia, Bulgaria, May 01, 2010 --( While the typical 40 year old European traveler is on his way to discover on his own the world’s most popular travel places and uses his resources as vacation savings and annual holidays to join the crowds in Venice or take pictures of the exotic Thailand’s temples, there is a whole lot to discover for those who are interested in not-so-commercial places of the world, without the crowds and the souvenir selling merchants invading the popular destinations.

If Bulgaria is off the beaten path of the traditional tourist, what is then what makes more than 4 mln foreign tourists visit it every year? (BIA report on tourism branch, 2009) They say it’s the Christian heritage with its artifacts among the oldest in Europe - tours that sell Bulgarian and Greek monasteries or Christ-old churches spread around Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey are regularly booked even during the crisis. For others it’s the Rose fest, unique for that part of the world, an addition to the cultural and historical itineraries that the French, Spanish, Japanese and American tourist are usually booking. Ski and sea holidays in Bulgaria are booked mainly by two types of Europeans – those who used to visit Black sea resorts during the communist times and the second large group is formed by the second home owners letting their apartments out who are largely promoting ski resorts as Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovetz mainly in UK.

In a report about the Bulgarian nightlife, February 2010, BBC team visited couple of Bulgarian clubs to find out the nation lives a night life of their own. The capital has something to offer both confirmed party animals and those looking for a quiet drink and conversation can have it all in the numerous Starbucks-like cafes spread around the city. It’s one of the few capitals where you can ski just several kilometers away from the city center. Getaways to countryside are fast and reveal majestic nature and the genuine local’s culture since your very first stop in any of the farming villages.

Alexander Tour’s “The Essence of Bulgaria” Tour features both ancient history and popular places where young Bulgarians would go “The tour is booked by people who want to see Bulgaria in a nutshell” – says a company’s travel agent – “although tours presenting UNESCO sites and Bulgarian monasteries are our client’s first choice. However at least two nights in every tour are in cities where there’s a lot to see including off the beaten path places where the locals go. Its all about flexibility when thinking about the best trip you can offer.”

Whatever we can say about Bulgaria it’s in the midtones of the exquisite offers you will get in your mailbox today – but it’s worth it, just because it’s different - a bit of old-fashioned style on an affordable price.

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