Crisis on the Balkans: Travel Agent for the Alexander Tour Area Says Summer Season for Greece and Bulgaria Differs as Stats Step in

Greece Dives, Bulgaria Thrives: The Contrasting Fortunes of the Two Neighbouring Countries’ Tourism Industries - July 13, 2012

Bulgaria Among the Top Ten Destinations for 2011

Lonely Planet and CNN announced their travel destinations of 2011, with focus on the Balkans. Bulgaria being the center of the area gets positive reviews and recognition for its nature treasures, ancient history artifacts and budget offers for its sea and ski resorts. - March 11, 2011

Rose Fest, UNESCO Heritage sites, Budget Sea and Ski Resorts – More of Bulgaria with Alexander Tour's Latest Tour Offers

For years Bulgarian travel agents have been working on the perfect product to promote Bulgaria as a travel destination. The youngest member of the EU is still struggling with the standards of the union, yet still remains a land of sophisticated beauty and beautiful nature and a preferable tour spot with the sea and ski resorts getting more popular for the last couple of years. - May 01, 2010

Alexander Tour New Travel Site Focuses on Group Travel and Tours to the Balkans

The last couple of months, few travel related companies were able to report high sale volumes since trips and holidays are the first to be eliminated from an average family’s budget. Yet holidays are always in demand; it’s their cost that customers try to reduce. Many see this as an opportunity to visit countries with ancient cultural heritage but also with an economy that lets the travelers pay less for accommodation and transportation. - January 28, 2010

Alexander Tour with a Tour for the Tenth National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore Koprivshtitsa 2010

Forty-four years after the first Koprivshtiza festival made Balkans culture known for its rich folklore traditions by being a gathering point of dancers, musicians, ethnography and folklore experts, artists or just Bulgarian folklore music and dance fans, the fest enjoys steady interest. - December 11, 2009

Alexander Tour Announces the Launch of Its New Website for Holiday Destinations

Being already 20 years on the market as a leading holiday packages and trips provider, Alexander Tour Co, one of the biggest East European Travel agents now makes a step forth in facilitating its clients in their search for the best holiday spot. - August 27, 2009

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