With Help from NewsUSA, Use Social Media to Keep Your Brand Relevant

As Media Influence Continues to Shift to Social Channels, NewsUSA is Empowering PR and Communications Professionals to Permeate the Social Web.

Falls Church, VA, May 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- www.newsusa.com — With media influence increasingly shifting to the social web, ample opportunities to reach media by incorporating social media are presented for PR and communication efforts.

A majority of media professionals leverage some form of social media to research stories and find new content, according to a recent Cision and George Washington University study:

- 89% of reporters using blogs
- 65% using social networking sites
- 52% using microblogging sites such as Twitter

By incorporating social media into communication and PR efforts – and developing a strong presence in social channels – brands can remain relevant to media and connect with customers.

“There is no denying that when it comes targeting journalists, bloggers and editors with communications efforts, the future is social,” says Rick Smith, founder and CEO of NewsUSA. “Savvy communications and PR professionals are realizing the impact of social media on public relations efforts to maximize brand awareness, drive website traffic and eventually help make the sale.”

NewsUSA is empowering PR and communications professionals by taking the guesswork out of social media with its Social Syndication services. The new services include content creation, distribution, promotion and accountable reporting, providing a turnkey solution for those wanting to keep their brands relevant through social media PR.

NewsUSA can help PR and communications professionals:
- Maximize media reach by distributing content to 30+ social destinations
- Increase online visibility by optimizing content for the major search engines
- Gain measurable results of social media efforts with extensive metrics reports
- Interact with media and end-users with content that is easily accessed, shared and commented on

“NewsUSA has the tools, knowledge base and experience to empower marketing and PR professionals to permeate the social web and maximize media outreach efforts,” Smith says. “By leveraging our Social Syndication services, companies are one big step ahead in the major shift to the social web – both for media and for end users.”

About NewsUSA
NewsUSA was founded in 1987 to offer a qualitative and cost-effective alternative to traditional media advertising campaigns. Today, NewsUSA is the nation’s premier social media distribution service receiving millions of media impressions each day. NewsUSA has provided media placements to more than 3,000 clients in a variety of fields, including public relations, communications, nonprofit, government, health care, automotive, and health and beauty. Thanks to its long-standing relationships with more than 16,000 media outlets, NewsUSA has successfully delivered more than 5 million online, print and radio placements and billions of dollars of media ad space nationwide. To learn more about NewsUSA, visit http://www.newsusa.com/.

Richard Rothstein