Kelly's 1.0 Launches

Austin, TX, November 20, 2006 --( Kelly's Kampus, Inc., a Web 2.0 publisher, successfully launched, a leading college portal co-founded by sisters, Kelly and Grace Hackett. This collegiate portal publishes user generated articles, blogs and weekly newsletters containing the most relevant “what’s hot and what’s not” information for today’s college student.

"We have been working hard and are excited to launch our 1.0 release of Kelly's Kampus", said Grace Hackett, Chief Financial Officer and a junior at Trinity University. "Our student audience can easily find many enhanced features such as Google Maps & Calendar, including a mashup of campus RSS news and sports feeds. And, now that we have launched Google’s Adsense and Amazon’s A-Store, we are realizing advertising revenues.”

"To provide our growing student audience with cutting edge articles, blogs and weekly newsletters we have established a national network of campus-based reporters,” said Kelly Hackett, Managing Editor and a sophomore at Baylor University. “We provide all of the publishing tools and the technical infrastructure enabling our campus reporters and channel producers to easily build an audience and share their unique viewpoints. We hope to expand our campus network to twenty-five (25) colleges by New Years Eve.”

“Most importantly, our editorial team shares in the advertising revenues generated from their readership” said Kelly Hackett. “We believe our interactive journalists are critical to our success, and that they should profit from their efforts”.

Kelly’s’ key features:
1. User generated content: Reviews of the best local hotels, restaurants, clubs, coffee places, bars, and much more.
2. Blog aggregation: Leading blog publishers have been integrated into each channel. (style)
3. Campus-based Reporter Network: Each campus has dedicated journalists who publish weekly newsletters containing the latest hip, what’s hot information.
4. College News / Sports: We integrate and aggregate the latest RSS feeds to publish breaking college and sports news.
5. Google Applications: Users can easily find various Google technologies (Maps, Gmail, IM and Calendar) integrated to deliver a superior user experience.
6. Gadget integration: Many dynamic applications such as entertainment news, financial quotes, recipe finder, Who’s Hot information have been integrated.
7. Professional content: College information, published statistics, money, finance for college students, high school students and parents.
8. Content Channels: Each channel publishes edgy content, produced by college students:
• Money:
• Food:
• Travel:
• Style:
• Just-For-Guys:
• High School:

About Kelly's Kampus, Inc.
Kelly's Kampus, Inc., a Web 2.0 publisher, enabling college students to search, find, and interact with "what's hot and what's not" information relevant to collegiate life. Kelly's Kampus publishes an active social network, content channels, distributes trendy newsletters, integrates news feeds, hosts local directories and group calendaring, and publishes an extensive list of Top Ten consumer-generated ratings.

Press contact:
Grace Hackett

Kelly's Kampus, LLC
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