Most-Requested Metal Arts Class--Basic Blacksmithing Class for Newbies, Artists and Keyboard Geeks

The most-requested course at the Center for Metal Arts is a basic blacksmithing class for beginners. Combines this with dynamic young blacksmith and emerging artist Andy Dohner for a very satisfying day at the forge.

Florida, NY, May 03, 2010 --( Learn hammer technique, working the forge, and what you can do with hot iron at the anvil. Experience one of our most ancient of human arts with Andy Dohner at the Center for Metal Arts--no prior experience required. This small, hands-on class offers a one-day intensive in the art of blacksmithing for anyone who wants to experience a day at the forge.

Andy Dohner is an emerging artisan blacksmith with his finger on the international pulse of the metal arts. Andy, who was born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home of Bethlehem Steel, continues a family tradition of working with steel. His interest in forging began during his ten years as an industrial welder and fabricator. Andy’s unique journeyman experience, working in studios across country, has given him a diverse education and a unique approach. Andy has been the studio assistant at the Penland School in North Carolina and at Peters Valley in New Jersey. He is a busy smith and teacher so we are very lucky to have him to teach this course. Come expecting to learn a lot.

Cost for the workshop is $100. A $50 deposit will hold your place in this small class, with lots of personal time at the forge and anvil. Register at or call (888) 862-9577.


The Center for Metal Arts holds blacksmithing and other metal arts workshops for artisans, designers and the public. Located one hour north of New York City, The Center for Metal Arts offers an opportunity to work hot metal at the forge and anvil.
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