IDesia Unveils World’s First Ever Heartbeat-Based, User Identity-Aware Consumer Healthcare Applications for Computing and Mobile Phone Platforms

Caesarea, Israel, May 02, 2010 --( IDesia, a leading provider of state-of-the art BDS™ (BioDynamic Signature™) biometric authentication technology, today announced its newly expanded portfolio of biometrics-based offerings, focused primarily on user identity-aware consumer healthcare, fitness and wellbeing applications.

Originally devised to implement highly reliable and effective biometric authentication solutions, IDesia’s BDS technology is based on individually unique information concealed within electrocardiographic (ECG) waveforms. The company’s range of biometric solutions merely requires users to touch a contact sensitive surface. Their individually unique heartbeat information is then extracted via proprietary signal processing and patented pattern recognition algorithms for cardiologic waveform matching, to enable fast and reliable user authentication.

With the growing popularity of consumer healthcare, personal well-being and healthy lifestyle, IDesia has enhanced its initial product offering, expanding primarily towards consumer healthcare. The company’s unique “all in one” offering is not only capable of extracting users’ heartbeat information for personal authentication, but also supports on-going storage and utilization of this information for a practically limitless range of user identity-aware applications, initially focused on personal health, fitness and wellbeing.

IDesia’s new healthcare-oriented application suite features numerous applications out-of-the-box, including Heart Rate Monitoring, Stress Monitoring, Heart Rate Reduction Training and Medical Monitoring. “IDesia’s ‘all in one’ biometric solution is one of a kind in that it enables implementation of a broad range of applications that are fully aware of their users’ identity,” states Dr. Danny Lange, IDesia Founder and CEO. “Our proprietary ASIC and exclusive BDSTM software – offered at single-digit dollar pricing – are bound to make our offering truly ubiquitous, opening the door to compelling and captivating healthcare, fitness and well-being applications on laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, smartphones and more.”

With its patented technology fully lab-tested at UK’s National Physical Lab (NPL), IDesia is now engaged in design-in and close integration with Tier 1 ODMs operating in Taiwan, as well as with Sentelic Corporation, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of peripherals for the personal computing market. Ramp up activities are well under way, with mass production scheduled to commence as early as Q4 this year.

“IDesia’s BDSTM touch-based authentication technology inherently encourages user compliance, as it does not require users to exert special effort to participate in monitoring and potentially improving their heart health and stress levels,” states Dr. J.C. Lin, CEO and Chairman of Sentelic Corporation. “We are confident that, in light of its modest per-chip cost, we will be able to implement this technology in our laptop and netbook touchpad offerings, as the basis for a diverse range of user-aware biometric authentication solutions, consumer healthcare applications and more.”

IDesia and Sentelic will present integrated solutions designed for implementation in netbooks, mobile phones, gamepads and embedded devices at Computex 2010, Taipei World Trade Center, NANGANG Exhibition Hall, Booth #M432 (upper level), between June 1 and June 5, 2010. IDesia will also be delivering product demonstrations at its Computex New Product Launch Pad event, in Room 2, 2F, Hall 1, between 14:30 and 16:00 on June 2, 2010.

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IDesia was founded in 2004 to develop and market state-of-the-art BDS™ (BioDynamic Signature™) technology serving a broad range of user identity-aware offerings, which currently include biometric authentication and personal health, fitness and well-being applications. Utilizing electro-physiological signals unique to individual users, IDesia enables highly accurate and effective consumer healthcare and access control applications that can easily be implemented in a broad range of mobile handsets and personal computing platforms. For more information, please visit

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