Steel City Fresh Gear Tackles Deadly MRSA Bacteria

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania company provides valuable weapon in the battle to curb deadly MRSA bacteria.

Pittsburgh, PA, May 02, 2010 --( A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania company has introduced a service that disinfects and deodorizes bacteria infested sports gear worn in hockey, football and lacrosse. The Fresh Gear C40 forces ozone, with high volume and velocity, straight into the gear, penetrating deep into the dense padding and hard to reach places like gloves and skates, enabling ozone to kill up to 99.99% of the bacteria lurking there.

The patent-pending process takes 20 minutes to sanitize, deodorize and then deplete remaining ozone so that it is safe to open the machine. Thus, protecting the safety of operators, players and the public, while eliminating nasty odors and leaving the gear smelling fresh. Ozonation is a widely used method of eradicating bacteria in drinking water, food preparation, hospitals and health care facilities.

It seems like good timing as North America is faced with a looming epidemic of infections caused by a deadly bacteria known as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Recent studies published by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), have found that infections caused by MRSA appears to be more prevalent than previously believed and is being found more often outside of health care settings, such as in schools, locker rooms and in high contact sports. "We estimate that 94,360 invasive MRSA infections occurred in the United States in 2005; these infections were associated with death in 18,650 cases," says the JAMA article.

"Hockey, football and lacrosse equipment is notorious for being foul smelling. Those odors are a result of bacteria and germs growing inside the equipment. Protective sports gear is meant to keep the athlete safe, not cause them harm. It needs to be sanitized regularly." says Glenn Felix, owner of Steel City Fresh Gear, LLC. "Moms everywhere know that 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.' The best way to fight MRSA infection is to prevent it."

Mr. Felix foresees demand for these sanitizing services to continue increasing steadily, as schools, leagues, fire fighters and police employ this process as part of a hygiene regimen that also extends the life of their gear.

Fresh Gear is patent pending technology and equipment cleaning services are currently available in over 85 locations across North America. For additional information on where Fresh Gear services are offered and what you can do to prevent MRSA infections, visit

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Established in April of 2010, Steel City Fresh Gear, LLC introduced the first Fresh Gear sanitizing service to the Pittsburgh area. Good health should not be a luxury, Fresh Gear services are convenient and affordable, often half the price of their competitors.

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Reference: JAMA. 2007;298(15):1763-1771

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