JustLook with Face Recognition Systems to Offer Visitor Management System in India

JustLook is now offering its clients with another face recognition system namely visitor management system. The biometric device is equipped with special features, which catalyzes its market growth.

Ahmedabad, India, May 05, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Face recognition technology based devices is in the verge to replace the existing security devices from the market. Considering this fact, JustLook is offering its clients with another variant of face recognition system, visitor management system. "The visitor management system is totally designed, developed and promoted for securing the premise from the unauthenticated visitors. The system is based on a fastest matching algorithm which helps it to work faster and smoother." as stated by the marketing executive Mr. Manohar Suthar of JustLook.

JustLook is a biometric face recognition system provider company that delivers the customers with the face recognition solutions. It is an India based firm that provides the newest technological solutions to meet the existing security needs.

"The visitor management system is an efficient security solution for escorting the premises. The device is also equipped with an alarm facility which can be set according to the priority of individuals. The alarm blows off when the unauthenticated person re-visits the premise and the device alerts everyone about the unwanted scene," as explained by the security expert of JustLook when asked about the special feature of the newest face recognition system.

The firm is also taking the responsibility for the installation of visitor management system at premises. It is offering the customized face recognition system so that premises can very well implement the system at any condition and requirement, as known from a recent press conference held with this firm. The CEO of JustLook also stated that, "the firm is offering its solutions and the support services at a very affordable rate."

For detail information regarding the security solutions and the firm visit the official website at http://www.justlook.co.in and for more details on Visitor Management System visit at http://www.justlook.co.in/visitor-management.html

Manish Shah