MXL Packages Oovoo Video Chat Software with USB Microphones

Leading manufacturer of USB microphones will feature ooVoo software in new and existing USB product lines.

El Segundo, CA, May 05, 2010 --( MXL Microphones, a division of Marshall Electronics, announced a partnership agreement with ooVoo video communication service that combines ooVoo’s video chat software with MXL’s line of Professional Series USB microphones. The product partnership, which is designed for web conferencing and video chat, will provide businesses and consumers with a high quality, affordable way to communicate on-line.

With 11 million subscribers and growing, ooVoo allows for real-time video calls with up to six users simultaneously. MXL is one of the world’s largest suppliers of USB microphones and one of the first manufacturers to develop high quality, low cost conferencing microphones for PCs and Macs.

“It’s a perfect match,” says Perry Goldstein, Sales & Marketing Manager of MXL Microphones. “Over-the-net communications have skyrocketed in recent years and while video quality has vastly improved, audio quality has lagged behind. MXL microphones are designed to make video chats and web conferencing feel and sound more natural.”

The first MXL USB microphone to be packaged with ooVoo is the MXL Professional Series Pro 1B USB microphone. MXL plans to package ooVoo software in its existing line of USB microphones and leverage the partnership with future products in development.

“We’re excited about teaming up with MXL to help consumers and businesses connect through the power of ooVoo,” said Rodger Wells, Vice President of Business Development at ooVoo. “MXL’s line of high quality microphones creates a superior user experience when combined with ooVoo’s high quality voice capability delivered anywhere, anytime.”

About MXL
MXL is a leading manufacturer of studio recording microphones as well a complete line affordable USB microphones for web conferencing, podcasting and video chat. MXL’s Professional Series offers crystal clear voice communications for business conferencing and personal communication. For more information, go to

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Founded in 2006, ooVoo provides a high-quality video-driven communication service to anyone with a computer, broadband connection and a web camera. ooVoo offers high-resolution video, video conversation recording, telephone calling, desktop sharing, video messaging, instant message chat and file sharing. Download ooVoo at


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Bryan Brown, ooVoo,, 513-410-4188

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