Looking for Health and Fitness? Helena Collins of Life in Synergy Fitness Says "Get Out of the Gym"

Boston’s fitness expert says “Health and fitness Do Not happen in the gym!”

Boston, MA, May 05, 2010 --(PR.com)-- According to fitness expert Helena Collins, health and fitness do not start in the gym- they start somewhere much closer to home. Her newest innovation the online Studio M.A.N.A. (Mental Attitude, Activity, Nutrition and Alignment) to get people out of the gym and on the road to health and wellness.

The owner of Life in Synergy studios where classes in her Synergistics Fitness Method® are sold out three months in advance and Synergistics Personal Training, Boston’s first and most award-winning personal training studio Collins has been changing lives in Boston for years. But why would a health club owner tell clients to get out of the gym? “ Health and fitness Do Not happen in the gym!!” Says Collins “It is what you do with the rest of your day that really matters! I like to call this time "the 166™," that is the 166 hours a week that you are Not in the gym. Studio M.A.N.A. empowers people with real answers and knowledge about how to live in the 166™ as the person they want to be and then their time at the gym can be fun fine-tuning instead of hours of drudgery.”

“Honestly, I was nervous that I would balloon to 400lbs,” says local fitness instructor Christine Jablonski when discussing the online Synergistics Lifestyle Program® “How could ‘just walking’ and stretching and drinking a little more water help me lose weight when I was struggling to keep my weight down working out 2 hours a day? It seemed too simple. Now, eighteen pounds- gone. All my knee and back problems-gone. I have more muscle tone than I've ever had in my life. I love this program and I can't imagine not living like this.”

“This is one of the most important steps on my mission to change the health of America,” says Collins. “The Studio M.A.N.A. learning modules teach the core essentials of maintaining your health, fitness, and wellness for the rest of your life. People waste so much time worrying about what they are eating and how they are going to work it off and beating themselves up with workouts that are like punishment- what a waste. If we all just learned about our bodies- what they need, how to care for them- imagine the time we’d save!”

This sentiment is echoed by client Josie Elias when discussing the Nutritional Alignment® program “I have lost almost 30 pounds and am enjoying my life. There is no more stress about losing weight or about eating. I cannot tell you how much of my day was occupied worrying about what I was going to do for a workout or what I was going to eat, now I am just living!"

Studio M.A.N.A. provides an array of programs designed to give clients the information they need to break the cycle changing their minds, bodies and lives- from the comfort of their own home! “Each program is a means to bring you a new understanding and teach you to be at peace with yourself and your body for the rest of your life.” says Collins “You and your life are so worth the time and effort to fully comprehend!”

For more information on Studio M.A.N.A. Online Learning or to find out more about Helena Collins and Life in Synergy™ visit www.lifeinsynergy.com or phone the studio at 617-867-6500.

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JoEllen Hansen