Charleston Shi Released the 3rd Book (Rage of the Serpents) of His 11-Book Series, The Quest of the Phoenix

Avon, IN, May 06, 2010 --( 13-Year-Old Charleston Shi Released the 3rd Book of His 11-Book Series, The Quest of the Phoenix

Charleston Shi
Author of “The Quest of the Phoenix” series
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

The Quest of the Phoenix, Book Three (Rage of the Serpents)
ISBN10: 1-60844-403-8
ISBN13: 978-160844-403-8

There was a time when darkness had surrounded the world and was ready to plunge it into a great terrifying nightmare. When despair seemed to prevail, there was one and only hope left in the world. The phoenix must rise and restore what evil had corrupted...

After defeating the Kraken, fourteen years old Tom was ready for the Christmas season. While a new threat was rising in the form of Serpenso the Poison, the most vicious and dangerous basilisk the world has ever known, Tom has become less confident and his powers were waning. The desperate search for a true master unfortunately led Tom and his friends down a treacherous path.

Would Tom find confidence and believe himself again as the world trembled at the might of the basilisk?


About Author

Charleston Shi, a son of immigrant/refugee parents, is a 13-year-old eighth grader. “Rage of the Serpents” is the third book of his 11-book fantasy series “The Quest of the Phoenix.” Before he worked on this series, he authored numerous stories featuring many magical creatures.

Charleston has been giving inspirational speech titled “We are the future” at various schools and other venues. The speech detailed his personal literature endeavor with moving experience, emotional growth, light humor and inspiring messages.

Included in the third book of this series "Rage of the Serpents" is a piece of Charleston's piano composition named "Mystic Eyes," which was inspired by a main character in the series. Dr. Berners, University of Indianapolis, highly praised this composition as "a very intense and dramatic statement with interesting chromaticism and expressive dissonances. The continuously shifting textures and transforming melodic ideas maintain interest very well." Charleston's own recording for this composition is available upon request.

About the series

There are 11 books in the series. The first book in the series (The Phoenix and the Yeti, 168 pages) was published in September 2009. Second book (Storm of the Kraken, 180 pages) was published in February 2010. Third Book (Rage of the Serpents, 188 pages) was published in April 2010. Charleston has tentatively scheduled to publish one book every four months or so to complete his 11-book series in 2013 when he will be a high school junior.

Books are available through major distributors: Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Ingram, Baker&Taylor etc.
Charleston Shi
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