Infinity Martial Arts of Middleton, WI Announces Triple Growth in a Recessive Economy in Celebration of Its 3rd Year Anniversary

Infinity Martial Arts recently celebrated its 3rd year anniversary as of April 2010 with triple growth attaining 150 students in spite of the economical recession.

Madison, WI, May 06, 2010 --( Mike Welch, a 4th Degree Black Belt as well as Master Instructor and Owner of Infinity Martial Arts, attributes the success of the school to his staff as well as the devoted families that have made Infinity their “karate home.” According to Mike, “I am humbled that the Infinity families continue to entrust my school with their karate instruction – both children and adults alike. Their dedication to the martial arts and devoting their time to it is indeed a huge commitment for all of the families. In return, all of the instructors work together as a cohesive unit in guiding each student to achieve his or her personal best through building self - confidence, developing a positive attitude, learning self - discipline, as well as improving physical fitness. We create all champions here - whether they become world competitors in karate or leaders in other facets of life.” Despite the economy, parents will continually strive to offer their children the opportunities that will give them the social, physical, and mental tools that will inevitably prepare them for a successful future. As stated by Erika Schremp, mother of two karate students at Infinity Martial Arts, “Infinity continues to thrive on account of its strong referral base. The instruction is great in technique and applies to everyday life - whether it be mental focus, fitness or confidence. All of these things we wish for our kids to conquer in their lifetime. Instilling these valuable lessons at an early age, much like Infinity has been doing for the last three years will help mold them into model citizens and future leaders for our community.” Anne Gustafson, another “karate mom” adds, “Mr. Welch is a terrific instructor. He understands the kids and knows how to talk to them in a way that makes them want to do their best. He has high expectations for the kids not just in his classes but at home and at school.”

Another reason for the success of the school is on account of the variety of programs Infinity has to offer. Although the focus of Infinity is to teach students (both children and adults) karate and practical self – defense; there are other specialized programs as well for those individuals who may be interested in a different fitness format. These programs include Turbo Kick classes (Turbo Kick is a highly evolved form of cardio-kickboxing), personal fitness training, and a Yoga Fusion class which will be added in the summer due to popular demand. According to Rania El-Desoki, “Infinity Martial Arts is like a second home to us now. Amna (my daughter) has that sense of happiness and belonging to the school, which makes her very confident while taking her classes; and as for myself, it is the only "Me Time” I get all week.” Rania has the unique experience of taking advantage of all the programs that Infinity has available. When asked about the Turbo Kick classes, she responded, “For one hour - twice a week, I only focus on myself and what my body needs from me, and in return what I then need to do for my body. It’s a lot of fun - a very friendly environment with intense movements. I have come a long way within a year of attending the TK classes. I have discovered that my body is capable of many things physically that I never thought were possible. Having the opportunity to burn up to 1000 calories is just an added bonus.” With regards to the personal fitness training, Rania adds, “It was the best decision I ever made! In addition to the TK classes which combat the entire body, I’m focusing on the areas of my body that I felt needed toning and re-shaping. I’m pushed past my comfort zone physically with each session and on account of it - I can visibly see the results. The one-on-one time I spend with Deanna (the personal trainer) is very beneficial. It helps me feel stronger mentally and physically so that I am reaching my personal fitness goals.”

For additional information on the programs available at Infinity Martial Arts, please contact Mike Welch at 608-831-3332 or visit the school’s website at Infinity Martial Arts is located at 1903 Cayuga Ct. in Middleton, WI.

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