Accu-Strap LLC Offers One Year Limited Warranty on All Accu-Strap PVC Tank Gauging Products

Parma, ID, May 06, 2010 --( Enhanced precision, increased repeatability, extended product lifespan and now, to top it off, Accu-Strap LLC offers a one year limited warranty on all Accu-Strap PVC Tank Gauging Products.

Accu-Strap LLC Owner/CEO Cory Gahley first brought his company and its “Unbreakable” Tank Gauging Product line to the public market in January of 2010.

Since then, the small Idaho company has been drawing attention and gaining momentum.

In a market dominated by wooden “Gauge Sticks” or, as they are known in the gas and oil industry, “Strap Sticks,” Accu-Strap LLC has come forward with a product that is far better suited to withstand the exacting applications of the gas and oil industry.

When asked, “Why PVC?” Cory said the following. “Having worked as an engineer in the Semi Conductor industry for 14 years, I was familiar with the durability and chemical resistant properties of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon). They can be easily machined and welded and with the advancements in recycling methods these days, they are also 100% recyclable. Not to mention, we aren’t killing any trees to make them. It seemed the appropriate choice of materials.”

In the last few months, the Accu-Strap Product line has grown far beyond the 50” Accu-Strap System that was the original patent concept. The product line continues to evolve to meet the needs of a growing customer base across the U.S. and Canada.

Accu-Strap LLC and their partners are not only filling the industrial needs for an accurate, dependable and robust manual liquid level monitoring device in the gas and oil fields of the U.S. but also the petroleum, transportation and chemical industries as well.

Cory and his partners are proud to stand on the “Made in USA” concept as well as supporting the Idaho economy by utilizing only local companies whenever possible. They also have enough pride and confidence in their product that they offer a limited one year warranty on all Accu-Strap Products provided they are used accordingly.

When asked for a closing statement, Cory grinned and simply stated;
“You can’t beat this with a stick.”

Accu-Strap LLC
Cory Gahley