Danger Money Records Finally Unleash Their First EP

P.C.T: "The Digital Lyrical Miracle EP" (released 21st June 2010).

London, United Kingdom, May 06, 2010 --(PR.com)-- ”The Digital Lyrical Miracle EP” is the debut EP from London-based Progressive Hip-Hop artist-producer P.C.T.

A plethora of Electronic and Organic musical styles merge to serve as the sonic backdrop to the entertainingly sincere and energetic songs on display as part of this release, which, although produced on a tight budget, serves as a strong manifesto for the creative spirit that drives this small independent label.

Themes covered as part of this 6-track EP include the human experience, human potential, human behaviour, the lifelong quest for happiness, comedic life observations, connecting with the divine and world history (amongst others), all of which are passionately touched on in ways that engage and entertain in equal measure whilst evoking empathy (as well as an eye-opening air of mystique).

P.C.T's universal appeal is evident in his charismatic style of vocal delivery, which has won over a great deal of supporters in the 14-35 age range, who have been waiting for a recording artist to push boundaries in such an original manner. This has created a 'buzz' of people talking P.C.T for all the right reasons...

Rather than aiming to please, P.C.T endeavors to express himself through music ‘from the heart,’ in the hope that people will enjoy it enough to share it with others (to a degree where he can do so for a living). That said, previous achievements include performances to almost thousand-strong audiences, national press features, BBC Radio and Sky Television airplay, although he is now truly ready to embark upon a quest of musical expression, hence why all support is much-appreciated.

With a new-found focus, P.C.T is now at University whilst working part-time at a recording studio (with the aim of one day establishing his own recording studio / multimedia production company), hence why he also aims to do well in order to inspire disadvantaged youth (in their formative 'fork in the road' years) to set life goals, strive to achieve and positively fulfill their potential.

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