NETIA Introduced Manreo 2, Media Asset Management System

Next-Gen Version Incorporates New NETIA Workflow Engine to Support Efficiency, Reliability. Upgrades Hypercast Warehouse Advanced Archiving Features.

Claret, France, May 11, 2010 --( NETIA, a leading provider of software solutions for managing television and radio content, announced the release of the next version of its Manreo media asset management (MAM) software. The new Manreo 2 adds powerful features to streamline workflow and allow users to simply and efficiently repurpose and broadcast content assets to multiple platforms.

"NETIA's Manreo 2 does everything it takes to help a content owner reap value from assets by supporting the ability to repurpose them either for broadcast or to suit new distribution platforms such as mobile devices," said Yoann Poizeau, product manager at NETIA." Manreo 2 pushes the system to a new level of efficiency by making it even easier to customize workflow to meet the individual needs of our clients and improve overall efficiency."

Designed with an open, scalable architecture, Manreo 2 has all the tools needed to simplify the cataloging, indexing, archiving, accessing, and distribution of media. Manreo 2 is designed to maximize productivity gains in asset management and the use of rich media, which in turn can be repurposed and published to platforms such as Web portals and mobile devices. The solution supports all industry-standard formats for ingesting content, generating browse proxies, enriching media through speech-to-text functionality, providing easy access to media, and much more.

With this new version, Manreo 2 now incorporates the new NETIA Workflow Engine, designed to allow media companies to easily monitor, create, and execute their own workflows. NETIA Workflow Engine facilitates and harmonizes exchanges between all existing applications found in a broadcast environment. Accessed via a user-friendly graphic interface, NETIA Workflow Engine orders tasks to optimize efficiency and load balancing, automates content distribution processes, and includes a security warning and notification system. NETIA Workflow Engine can also perform automated transcoding and publishing of media and metadata to the Internet, VOD, mobile services, and IPTV.

Manreo 2 also upgrades NETIA's existing Hypercast Warehouse software, a flexible platform entirely dedicated to MAM. This powerful archiving manager at the heart of the system interfaces with ingest, post production, automation, and storage applications. Owing to its adaptive flexibility, Hypercast Warehouse integrates with any environment and can be used to manage audio, video, or images in all file formats (MXF, XDCAM, mpeg 4, mpeg 2, wmv, etc.).

Hypercast Warehouse further turns dialog into searchable text, making video content even more readily available for comprehensive search, access, and retrieval. Because Hypercast Warehouse can restore, partially or completely, designated high-resolution or low-resolution files to editing or playout systems, it simplifies both production and repurposing of stored media.

Isabelle Michoux