Digital Forensics Magazine Discusses the Changing Role of the Forensics Lab

In the latest edition of Digital Forensics Magazine published at the start of May, Christa Miller explores the notion that digital forensics laboratories may once have been specialized, but increasing case complexity demands broader capabilities across disciplines.

London, United Kingdom, May 10, 2010 --( Digital Forensics Magazine, the online resource for IT security specialists and practitioners of digital forensics in this quarter's edition contains an article about establishing a digital forensics laboratory.

The fundamental mission of a digital forensics laboratory – the legally defensible collection, preservation, and analysis of evidence—may be the same, but budget, staffing and governance drive how different labs accomplish this task.

A digital forensics laboratory might handle one or more of the following functions:

- Computer Forensics
- Video Forensics
- Forensic Audio
- Image Analysis
- Mobile Device Forensics
- Incident Response
- e-Discovery/Litigation Support
- Data Recovery

Law enforcement and non-law enforcement labs often handle these areas differently. Law enforcement labs focus on collecting digital evidence that supports criminal allegations. If they find exculpatory information that is also reported by the examiner, but is not necessarily the examination’s focus (as it is for examiners working criminal defense cases). Law enforcement examiners look for evidence in data areas under the user’s control, as well as in unallocated space not under the user’s control.

Civil examiners focus on litigation support, which is not something law enforcement examiners are generally concerned with. Litigation requires most of the recovered information to come from user-controlled areas of the storage media. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods, which are considered specifically as sound computer forensic practices.

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