NobelCom – Building a Presence on the Social Media Websites

NobelCom, one of the leading phone card companies on the market, is now present in the social media environment, through its Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Hamilton, Bermuda, May 06, 2010 --( Social sites seem to be another way for the telecom company to spread news about promos, lowering phone card rates - and also a good method for its customers and fans to keep in touch with all the updates.

The company’s posts on either of these two services are available on and Both profiles make it easy for people to keep up to date, as the company’s news is conveniently posted on the profile pages. Hence, the information is always at hand, without being forced on the readers, as would happen with sending e-mails.

And NobelCom sure has news to spread around! Their latest offer for new customers consists of a 2 x 15% bonus: all new customers get 15% bonus on their PINs when placing their first order, and another 15% bonus on placing their second order (or recharge) on Also, all phone cards form this provider can be used with the Speed Dial option. This enables users dial in a faster way and makes the calling process easier.

All features available with the NobelCom phone cards make this particular provider a reliable and preferred one amongst users. All in all, NobelCom is beginning to be more and more oriented on creating an enjoyable experience for their users. As such, they are continuously lowering their rates on calling cards and keeping a focus on the user’s needs; which should be easier to do now, when the users are interacting with the company in a more natural way, on the social website profiles mentioned above.

Johanna Florea, Vice President of Sales & Business Development
+1 800 398 0521