Responsible, Innovative Green Hotel Design Gets Underway - Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites Brand Concept

The Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites LEED Brand design concept “Travel with a Purpose and Change the World Today” is a huge leap forward with responsible architecture and a clear departure from current brand developments.

Denver, CO, May 08, 2010 --( The Adoba concept is proof that a LEED’s design building is cost-effective today. The Adoba design can save owners initial investment dollars typically associated with architectural design time, modeling costs and the time associated with incorporating sustainable building practices into the project. Green from the ground-up, the Adoba design is a mid-tier, full-service, energy savings, independent hotel brand targeting the social, value-wise guest that is traveling with a modern lifestyle purpose. The design includes sustainable elements such as; utilization of recycled building materials, energy efficiencies advanced by the “Adoba Smart Solar Roofing” system, minimization of waste and pollution, water saving management, and purposeful upscale amenities. This ground breaking approach gives the Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites a competitive edge and addresses profitability and environmental issues facing the growing numbers of owners and developers who want to build green.

To launch its brand, Atmosphere Hospitality has teamed with Holistic Architects. Jim Pool, owner of Holistic Architects said, “the management company and architect relationship that Atmosphere Hospitality and Holistic Architects have formed is all-encompassing and a powerful amalgamation with a roster of potential developers and investors and it’s these new and trusted relationships, combined with the executive team’s experience and socially responsible approach, which will grow and support the Adoba’s rapid growth plan”.

Pool explained, “it became obvious to me and my team sometime ago that a holistic, environmentally friendly, responsible design is better for an owner’s bottom line, by offering guests who prefer a lifestyle sustainable hotel experience, and in terms of long-term investment value. The Adoba project is proof that a hotel can be both green and offer an upscale value driven hotel experience. He further noted that the architectural design and construction documents will be executed using (BIM) Building Information Modeling and the use of (BIM) and “lean construction” in the field, thus making this investment cost-effective and building time reduced for owners”.

While the design team has worked hard to give potential owners and developers the reasons to build an Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites, the marketing team, too, has been hard at work building the brand’s communication strategy that will truly capture the purpose and the spirit of this brand. The strategy will effectively communicate the brands socially responsible approach to travel, its strong value proposition and present its core brand attributes such as: free full-breakfast, the Journey Rewards program, virtual fitness centers, the signature “Fountain of Energy,” Atmosphere Bar and Grill and in-house and locally interactive socially responsible programs.

The brand represents a new generation of travel and how travelers will book in the future. The Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites online efforts will capitalize on future booking trends and the online medium will be a central part of the brand’s overall marketing strategy. The modern, personalized online marketing platforms, micro-sites, social and blogging strategies, mobile application, and brand programs will drive demand and allow customers to easily locate and book each property.

This is an exciting time to become a member of the Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites development family. For broader development information about the Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites and Atmosphere Bar and Grill including hotel FAQ’s, press, architectural plans, renderings, and room/suite layouts, visit

About Atmosphere Hospitality Management

Denver-based Atmosphere Hospitality Management is a progressive, innovative new hotel management company. Founded in 2009 by Agemini Hospitality LLC, Atmosphere Hospitality Management has experience managing all recognized national branded properties, restaurants and independent resorts. Atmosphere Hospitality Management has a significant head-start as the hotel management company synonymous with green hotel design, construction and sustainable profitable practices.

Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites
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