The Master of Cyber Sutra (a Novel by Victor Paul)

The novel reveals cold brutal Saint Petersburg (Russia) where Malthusian Order is hunting for a magical powered artifact. Here the Master creating a virtual love temple Cyber Sutra is fated to join into this adventure and fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Washington, VA, May 08, 2010 --( “What can we find transcending habitual capacity of apprehension?” It is an intriguing question that fuels the tension in this gripping, fast-paced thriller. Secrecy and mysticism abound when Alexander, a successful porn master who contrived a virtual love temple – Cyber Sutra, is unwillingly drawn into hunting for magical artifact through a labyrinth of enigmatic alchemical codes and hidden meaning of old engravings and manuscripts. As a chain of events is set in motion, Alexander (along with the reader) begins to think whether he has own choice, or if fate plays a role to reveal his predefined destiny.

The novel is an artful mix of genres: cyberpunk (high tech artifices of Cyber Sutra and ingenious hacker’s tricks), action-adventure (chasing after a priceless ancient cross) and mystery (esoteric ritual of new life conception as a beginning of an ancient sinister prophesies’s implementation). The author deftly blurs the line between fact and fiction, mystery and reality. Set against the cold, brutal, and corrupted backdrop of modern Saint Petersburg - the artistic center of Russia, the city of beautiful paintings and artifacts hidden in secret depositories, the novel reveals reality of everyday life in Russia. More so, the book is brought vibrantly alive by an accompanying haunting oil paintings produced by the author’s wife, a skilled artist, linking the reader with the incredible events and ideas exposed in the book.

After years of working as a journalist and freelancer, Victor Paul now concentrates on writing fiction. With degrees in information technologies and a career as a business consultant, he has broad expertise across many modern controversial topics. Paul studied Creative Writing at Massey University. He is currently marketing his first novels and is working on his next book “Diamonds of Destiny” due sometimes at the end of 2010. Visit his website at for spiritual journey to the Cyber Sutra sexual driving adventure.

Victor Paul