What are the Most Bling Toys for Christmas 2006?

Tradition Spiked with Electronics...

Elkhart, IN, November 22, 2006 --(PR.com)-- You know what the kids want for Christmas: bling. Bling to a kid is the latest shinny bauble. Just what exactly are the latest shinny baubles in Toy Bling?

“Tradition spiked with electronics,” is how Jeff Young, spokesman for AllAmericanBling.com, described this seasons batch of toys. “We are tracking the hottest toys for Christmas. The top 5 most bling toys are quite representative of what’s selling,” Young said.

“At number 5 is the Hasbro iDog. Since the inception of iPod, it seems that all you have to do is add the letter “i” in front of the name of a product, and it is automatically hip and cool. The iDog obeys this rule. This is an electronic pooch that will dance to your tunes. Just plug in your music source, this can be an iPod or anything else, and this dog gets down. You don’t even have to plug him in to make him dance. You can set him down in front of a speaker playing music and he will rock out.

“This is a sophisticated puppy. The iDog's moods change the more music you feed him and the more attention you give him. Really cool. Hasbro had done a great job with this,” said Young.

“At number 4 is an updated bling version of a traditional Christmas favorite called ‘Monopoly: Here and Now.’ Instead of tokens such as a top-hat, you have tokens like a box of McDonalds French fries, and a Motorola Razr headset. Instead of properties like Baltic Avenue, you have properties like Boston’s Fenway Park and the Minneapolis Mall of America. How bling is that?” the spokesman said.

“Barbie is traditional Toy Bling that continues to do well at AllAmericanBling.com, including the “Barbie My Scene My Bling Bling” collection. At number 3 on our list of hot toys this Christmas is the ‘Barbie Collector Fashion Holiday Barbie Doll’ by Bob Mackie. This collector doll has a gorgeous designer dress and is all tricked out for the Holidays. It’s the perfect doll gift,” Young said.

The spokesman for AllAmericanBling.com looked genuinely excited when he said, “At number 2 on our list is Lego Mindstorms NXT. This is almost too sophisticated to be a toy, but it just has to be on our list. It is totally bling. Mindstorms NXT is a kit that allows you to build your own robot. You can build this robot with 5 different themes and in 8 different models. They have names like Roverbot, Animal, Scorpio, and Humanoid.”

Young continued, “The intelligence brick you can build into your robot has a 32-bit microprocessor. The robots have bluetooth technology, visual sensors, touch sensors, and sound sensors. You can build a robot that will interact with you and its environment. If you don’t check out anything else at our web site, check out Lego Mindstorms NXT,” Young said.

“At number 1 on our Top 5 Most Bling Toys for Christmas is TMX Elmo,” Young announced. “You all remember Tickle Me Elmo from 1996. This is an updated, more advanced version on the 10th anniversary of the original. That’s where the name came from Tickle Me X, X standing for 10,” Young said.

Young went on, “This toy is a blast! Elmo laughs, falls down, moves around and asks you to do it ‘Again Again’ when you tickle him. This toy is a kid's delight,” Young said.

To recap, the Top 5 Most Bling Toys for Christmas at AllAmericanBling.com are:

1. TMX Elmo
2. Lego Mindstorms NXT
3. Barbie Collector Fashion Holiday Barbie Doll by Bob Mackie 
4. Monopoly: Here & Now
5. Hasbro iDog

The Top 5 Most Bling Toy for Christmas can be seen at www.AllAmericanBling.com/top5toyblinggifts2, while this sites general toy page is at www.AllAmericanBling.com/toys.

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