'I Refuse To Vote' Compilation Album Launched

Cross Seas Entertainment launches their well timed 'I Refuse To Vote' album in support of breakthrough artist Blee's campaign, "I Refuse to Vote until Politicians are Paid Minimum Wage!"

London, United Kingdom, May 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- I refuse to vote is an alternative stance to the current political campaigns masterminded by rising artist Blee.

Believing society must let go of the traditional thinking and ideologies that we’ve held on to for years, Blee truly believes that the current system is restricting the evolution of human beings as a 'forward thinking civilisation.' His solution? Refuse to Vote!

Blee says, “Refuse to fall for false government proposals and promises we only hear when they want to win votes...without really caring for the people.

“Now think...if politicians and those representing our communities and country were paid minimum wage, only then can we begin to see and believe who truly cares for our well being, our rights and the essential issues we face everyday.”

“It is not about the value of minimum wage but more about the concept. If politicians would be prepared to live at the lowest standard of life available in a country, then the people can begin to have faith that these politicians will be doing all they can to make sure that standard of life is a high one which benefits every citizen in the country as opposed to the few the current system satisfies. Then we can believe that their words come from the heart and not some spin doctor, then when we can believe that those representing us truly desire change,” affirms the artist.

To initiate change Blee believes we can start manifesting foundations right now by taking action and pushing the campaign to politicians. To help drive this message, Blee is releasing a compilation album May 5th 2010 which features a variety of artists and musical genres from country, to rock, to Hip Hop and Reggae, all in support of this message.

The ‘I Refuse To Vote’ Album is now available for immediate download here;


For more information on the I Refuse to Vote campaign and to get campaign merchandise go to;



Keep it RYL, Refuse to Vote!

Cross Seas Entertainment
Omari Riley