The Voice Over Savvy Forums (VoiceOverSavvy.com) were Launched for the Voice Over Community

Voice123’s VoiceOverSavvy.com forums have been tremendously active since they were released three weeks ago.

New York, NY, November 22, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Voice123 (http://voice123.com), the largest voice over marketplace where voice over talents promote their voice services and voice talent seekers find the best voices for their projects, recently released the VoiceOverSavvy.com (http://voiceoversavvy.com) forums to bring together the voice over industry, succeeding all activity expectations.

The VoiceOverSavvy.com (http://voiceoversavvy.com) forums are free to use by all those involved in voiceover acting and was conceived to create the largest and most important online community around the voice over industry. In just three weeks, the VoiceOverSavvy.com forums have received more than 1,600 postings in approximately 300 topics.

The high activity is due to two main factors: First, the fact that the forums are bringing together professional and amateur voice over talents, as well as voice over talent seekers, allowing them to share a lot of useful information and experiences. Second, that the forums are free to use by both Voice123’s current and new subscribers. Voice123’s subscribers can log in using the same user and password as their Voice123 (http://voice123.com) account. Visitors who are not subscribers to Voice123 can register for free and will automatically get access for both the Voice123 website and the VoiceOverSavvy.com (http://voiceoversavvy.com) forums.

Another interesting move that Voice123 (http://voice123.com) did was to promote the VoiceOverSavvy.com (http://voiceoversavvy.com) as a place not only to talk and learn, but a place to win. Voice123 started offering a one-year subscription to their premium services to one user, randomly selected every month amongst the 50 most active users of the forums.

Whether you are a voice over actor or in search for excellent voice artists, the VoiceOverSavvy.com (http://voiceoversavvy.com) forums are the great place to learn everything about voiceovers, from starting out, to tech issues, promote products and services, improve voice acting performance, or simply chat with others. The VoiceOverSavvy.com the perfect complement for the Voice123 (http://voice123.com) website, which has become the most important voice over marketplace over the last years.

About Voice123

Voice123 (http://voice123.com) is an online voice over marketplace based in New York. With the largest online voice over talent database and a vast number of daily voice over project postings, Voice123 helps voice over talents to promote their voice services, and companies to find the best voice over for their projects. With a young, highly qualified, and technology-oriented team, Voice123 is always looking to provide an innovative service and be a world-class technology company.

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Franz Martin