Digital Mannequin Retail Concept Launched by Looknglas

Looknglas, a California-based Digital Media company, has launched the Digital Mannequin concept for retail display. Digital Mannequin allows retailers unlimited display and messaging directly onto storefront windows with a "live"-looking video model moving, displaying product and changing poses, and outfits as well. Digital Mannequin turns storefront windows into eye-catching display screens, with constantly-changing images and messages. Green: low power and eliminates paper/vinyl sign waste.

Lake Forest, CA, May 09, 2010 --( Digital Mannequin Introduced By Looknglas - Video Models Directly On Storefront Windows

Looknglas, a Lake Forest, California based Media company, has announced the Digital Mannequin retail display concept as part of their Window Video System application suite.

The Digital Mannequin is a rear-projection video image that appears directly on the storefront window. The effect is high impact, as the “mannequin” image (actually a live model) can be life-size or larger. The Digital Mannequin allows retailers to display more clothing and accessory products more effectively, with the video model moving and changing poses, while the outfits change as well.

“Digital Mannequin will revolutionize retail clothing display,” says Ed Personius, president of Looknglas. “The advantages are obvious, giving retailers more powerful displays, and much greater depth to their display capability.”

Retailers needing more innovative, attention-grabbing displays and messaging should find ample opportunities to exploit the new display technology, as Looknglas has prioritized affordable pricing as a key part of their rollout strategy. The Digital Mannequin can be installed in a single day, and run either manually, or managed remotely by Looknglas in cooperation with retailer’s graphics dept. or provider.

The system is “green,” with low power consumption, and eliminates paper waste from posters and vinyl wraps that need constant replacing. There is no need for training, according to the company. Retailers may use their own graphic content, or utilize Lookngas’ Creative services.

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