Chiropractic Biography Details the Life's Work of Helen and Dr. Gordon Brown

Spartanburg, SC, May 25, 2010 --( Drs. Laura Greene-Orndorff and John Reizer have published a new biography about the life's work of Helen and Dr. Gordon Brown. The publication titled, "Chiropractic Mavericks: The Story of Helen and Dr. Gordon Brown" (ISBN 978-0-557-44717-6 Lulu Press, Inc.) is scheduled to be officially released on May 25, 2010. The book will be available for sale at most Internet booksellers nationwide.

According to the authors, "...the Browns, over the years, have been regularly dedicated to a long and arduous process that attempted to evolve their beloved profession of chiropractic in a direction that was congruent with their shared vision of subluxation-centered care..."

The book contains important historical information that details the challenges, threats and setbacks that these chiropractic mavericks encountered throughout their lives as they helped to successfully legalize chiropractic within the state of Indiana.

The authors explained, "The Browns' commitment to their profession indirectly helped many of the chiropractors within their generation, as well as doctors of today, to be able to practice with a state issued license."

In addition, the biography contains never before published photographs of the Browns and Dr. B.J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic.

The book can be purchased directly from the website:

Dr. John Reizer