Paladino Launches First Ads of New York Governors Race

Buffalo, NY, May 12, 2010 --( Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino's campaign for Governor of New York was the first to hit the airwaves on Monday, when television and radio ads hit the airwaves. The TV ad features Paladino talking straight to the people, while the radio spot reprises the candidate's now familiar "Mad as Hell" theme.

"New Yorkers are weary of professional politicians' hollow promises of tax cuts, spending cuts and new jobs that never materialize," campaign manager Michael Caputo said. "For the last five weeks as he travelled across the state, Carl heard this frustration from taxpayer after taxpayer. He wants New Yorkers to know: as the only outsider in this race, he'll get the job done for the people."



Carl: "I'm Carl Paladino. I'm a business man, not a politician. Like you, I'm fed up with Albany's corrupt career politicians ruining New York that's why I'm running for Governor. Now, like many in the Tea Party, the Liberal elites are attacking me unfairly. They're trying to distract you. If you want a Governor to really clean up Albany, cut taxes ten percent, slash spending twenty percent, and really create jobs I'm your man!"

Ann: "Are you mad as hell about the mess in Albany? New Yorkers pay the highest taxes, we get the wildest liberal spending, but were still losing jobs. One man has stepped forward to drive career politicians and their special interest buddies out of Albany. That's outsider Carl Paladino for Governor of New York. He's not a politician he's a successful Buffalo CEO. Like many in The Tea Party Movement, Carl's under attack by the Liberal elite because he'll turn Albany upside down and take out the trash."

Carl: "Career politicians always promise us tax cuts, spending cuts and new jobs. They never deliver. I'm Carl Paladino as your Governor I'll REALLY cut taxes by ten percent, I'll Really cut spending by twenty percent - and if you want someone with a proven track record creating jobs, I'm your man."

Ann: "Join Carl Paladino in this fight to take back our state. Because we're mad as hell - and were not going to take this anymore. Visit"

Carl: "Paid for by Paladino for the People."


Carl Paladino, a successful Western New York attorney and real estate developer, declared his candidacy for Governor of New York in Buffalo on April 5th. He's seeking the Republican and Conservative party nominations. For more information visit


Paid for by Paladino for the People
PO Box 447, Buffalo, NY 14205, David D'Arata, Treasurer
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