A Grand Restoration Project: Teatro Miramar (Havana, Cuba)

UK based charity Music Fund for Cuba is restoring Teatro Miramar to its original grand state.

Havana, Cuba, May 12, 2010 --(PR.com)-- After years of neglect, Teatro Miramar in Havana Cuba, is starting to receive some much needed attention in what is truly, a grand renovation. The UK charity, Music Fund for Cuba, has taken upon the task of restoring the Miramar Theatre into its original grand state.

Like a ghost of its former being Grand, Teatro Miramar sat neglected and exposed to hurricanes and humidity for many years, with little to attention being paid to the once opulent play-house in Havana's Playa district. Built in the 1950's when Cuba, and especially Havana, were glittering with pomp and wealth, Teatro Miramar was a grand and regal venue for 18 years. It was the fall of the U.S.S.R. coupled with the trading embargos of the U.S.A. which halted any economic relief or much needed equipment to maintain the 600 seat Teatro Miramar.

To recreate Miramar into the grand shrine of local and international talent it once was will not be an easy task, as the years of relentless humidity, hurricanes, termites, and other natural factors have taken their toll on Teatro Miramar. Grand may be the dreams and aspirations of the Music For Cuba Fund of UK, the charity spearheading the restoration project of Miramar.

Proposed for restoration by Centro Nacional de Escuales de Arte (CNEArt) 2006 as one of the nation's most important projects for education and art. Restoration and renovation is planned for the enlarging of the stage, improving the lights, and adding a video screen. Renovation to the exterior of the building is also set to begin. Once complete, the stage area will be large enough for a circus to perform. Organizers also hope that Teatro Miramar will be used for international festivals.

Teatro Director Juvenal Garcia Beato is using the space for an arts school, with 80 - 100 local children graduating each year. A visit to Teatro Miramar may find a dance troupe of pre-teen girls practicing for an up-coming show, each girl wearing ballet shoes donated by the Birmingham and Royal Ballet.

To avoid disruption to the school and its students, an adjoining building was renovated and is being used while grand renovations to Teatro Miramar are underway. Upon completion, the adjoining building will be a dedicated practice area, giving more room to the teatro for performances, classes.

For more information on this grand project: Teatro Miramar restoration.

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